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Hyskore Black Gun Machine Rest

Product Tests

193 West Hils Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

"The Hyskore® Black Gun® Machine rest progressively absorbs the recoil pulse by employing two long (110mm) stroke nitrogen filled compression dampers assisted by adjustable coil springs. This gives it the unique ability to handle everything from .22 LR to .375 H&H. In addition, the dual rail design accommodates pistol grips and high capacity magazines. The gun can be fired from the shoulder, using the strap, directly off the shoulder without the strap, or with the strap and secured in the vise for repeatability testing. The entire vise assembly can be removed to expose a platform for rest bags and a remote hydraulic trigger release is included with the set."

When it comes to designing shooting rests, I know of no company that does a better job than Hyskore. Over the years I've evaluated many of their products including several very innovative gun rests that allow the shooter to sight-in his gun without experiencing the pain of recoil.

What I like most about the method that the folks at Hyskore use is that it allows you to sight-in the gun without getting pounded but it also protects the gun from damage by allowing it to move.

High powered rifles and shotguns are designed to take the punishment of the magnum rounds they chamber but they are not designed to be "locked in place" to absorb all of the force generated by their recoil. Something has to give and normally, that's our shoulder.

Hyskore has come up with a system that simulates the "give" that our shoulder naturally provides. Using their "nitrogen filled compression dampers" and the hydraulic trigger, we can fire our guns and see how they pattern with out damaging them or ourselves.

The real beauty of the "Black Gun Machine Rest" is that we can do that with any gun from a .22 to a .375 H&H and we can also use it for our 3.5" magnum turkey guns.

I put it to the test with a variety of rifles (including one "Black Gun") and 3 different shotguns. It's nice that you can use extended magazines when sighting-in your AR & AK type rifles but it's certainly not limited to that type of gun. I tried a couple of self-loading rifles, shotguns and 2 bolt actions and they all fit nicely.

I found this rest to be especially helpful as I was sighting in a rifle that I'd just scoped. I could fire a round, make an adjustment, fire another, etc. until I had it exactly where it needed to be, all without removing it from the rest and knew that it was ready when I was through. I did not have to allow for "shooter error".

If you've been thinking about a gun rest to help with sighting-in your rifles or shotguns, I'd recommend that you consider the "Black Gun Machine Rest" from Hyskore. To see it or any other their products, just visit and to read more "Product Test" articles, please visit

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