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Primos Truth Cam60

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"Step up your scouting with these feature rich cameras that deliver results every time. The Truth Cam 60 allows you to adjust the amount of active LED's so you can have extreme night time range and even longer battery life. It features a back lit LED screen with large easy to read menu settings. Reliably capture photos or video with date, time, temp., and moon phase information so you know the best times to hunt. All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable for optimal performance. 1.3 second trigger speed (0.3 second when camera is not in sleep mode) and a 60-foot extended night range. Thin, low-profile design with Matrix camo finish."

Over the years I tried a number of "trail cameras" and by and large was not overly pleased with any of them. Some were easier to use than others and some delivered better pictures than others but most seem to "eat" batteries and none of them delivered pictures that I thought were really great and they were just too much trouble.

Who needs a camera in the woods anyway? I spend a lot of time out of doors, I see tracks and feathers and by observing the trails, I can pretty much tell what areas the game is using. That was my mindset and had been for many years.

A few months ago I received the Truth Cam60 from Primos and it has changed my mind about trail cameras forever.

Our property here in Southern Illinois is home to some very nice whitetail deer and also to an occasional flock of turkeys. We have bobcats, coyotes and even though it's many times denied, we have some evidence of "big cats" here.

What better way to evaluate a the new Truth Cam60 than to put it out in the woods and see what's wandering around during the day, evening and nighttime hours.

Before you can hang any camera it must be set up and prepared. Frankly, I always dread this kind of thing. In theory all of these new devices are simple and easy...right! I'm still trying to figure out the remote on our new television set.

The good news is that most new products come with an instruction manual and also refer you to a web site that visually takes you through the setup. That's also the case with the Truth Cam60 but frankly, all I needed was a brief review of the manual. Setup is that easy.

This camera takes 4 "D" batteries and up to an 8GB memory card. It uses a common mounting strap but other options are available. It's capable of recording still pictures ranging from 2 MP up to 7 MP and video images as well and it has a 1 year warranty.

Initial setup took me about 10 minutes and that included a complete read of the manual. I was now ready to hang the camera and get a look at what was going on in the woods when I wasn't there.

I have one site that always has a lot of deer traffic and that was my first place to hang the camera. I was not disappointed. What really pleased me was the sharpness of the images. I had selected a low resolution setting of 2MP for extended battery life, since I intended to use this camera for several months evaluating it. When I pulled the 2GB SD card for the first time and viewed the images, I was very impressed with the quality, so impressed in fact that I just left that setting in place for the duration.

As the weeks and months went by and I complied more and more images of deer and turkeys I was not only impressed with the quality of pictures but also with the low power use. The first 4 batteries, Duracell Ultra Power, still had 40% of their power left after 4 months of use. That has included some real temperature extremes and several weeks of quite cold weather.

The Truth Cam60 has shown me that I have some much better bucks on the property than I had realized. I've been able to identify 8 that visit one particular area on a pretty regular basis and one of the heaviest looking deer I've seen. I've been able to get a good look at some unusual racks and know that there's at least one real prize in the woods.

I've seen some nice gobblers, a lot of raccoons, possums, cats (not the big ones however) and an occasional dog. What I've discovered is that a good camera in the woods adds another dimension to my enjoyment of my property and the wildlife. I look forward to pulling the SD card and seeing what's new on it.

Does everyone or for that matter anyone really need a trail camera? I doubt it. Does having a good trail camera add to the enjoyment of the outdoors? Without a doubt!

Lastly, if you're considering a trail camera, I'd really recommend the Primos Truth Cam60. It works very well, is simple to use, takes great pictures and the battery life is excellent.

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