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Quixx Headlight Lens Restorer

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"Restore your cars old foggy, cloudy or yellowed plastic headlight lenses to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Achieve professional results with QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit. Not only do dull headlights detract from your vehicles appearance and value, foggy headlights are also a serious safety concern, in fact hazy plastic headlight lenses reduce visibility and create glare to oncoming traffic, putting you, your passengers and other vehicles at risk.

The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit includes everything necessary to achieve professional results, allowing you to repair your vehicle‘s plastic lens surfaces at tremendous savings. The included QUIXX Headlight Lens Sealer offers an all-out protection for plastic headlight lenses. It‘s unique formula generates a hard and long lasting, weather and detergent proof high gloss protection layer against environmental influences. The smooth dirt repelling surface keeps the lenses cleaner. When applied regularly, the integrated UV protection reduces yellowing and fogging significantly.

Restores foggy and yellowed headlights and the sealer prevents reoccurrence.

The kit includes everything that you need for the process.

Plastic Polish (50 gr.), 1 Sanding and Polishing Block, 12 Sanding Papers in 3 Ultra Fine Grades, 2 Polishing Cloths, Lens Sealer (30 ml.) and 2 Special Application Cloths"


Two months ago I was asked to evaluate the Quixx Headlight Lens Restoration and Sealer kit. At first I really wondered why a writer who primarily works with companies that manufacture shooting and hunting related products was being asked to evaluate a "car product".

When I investigated a little further I discovered that Quixx was donating a part of the profits from the sale of each kit to wildlife conservation. That seemed quite generous but still I was not sure that my readers would be interested...and then I read some statistics from the Federal Highway Administration about fog related accidents. It emphasized the importance of having clean and clear headlight lenses.

I have an older vehicle that has lost most of its value and now serves as my hunting, hauling and park anywhere I want to car. It runs and drives as well as it did when it was new but when I looked at the headlights, I realized that they were quite yellowed and not allowing as much light to be transmitted as they were a few years ago.

Many times I get in that car in the early morning hours to drive to a favorite hunting spot. That includes the fall when I'm headed out to hunt turkeys and deer. We all know something of the danger of driving during deer season and we need all the light we can get, so this started to make some sense to me.

The kit comes complete with everything needed for the restoration process. I'm not really a car repair guy but I thought this looked easy enough and I decided to give it a try.

I followed the directions to the letter. My lenses were pretty badly damaged and the polishing that might be all lenses with less damage need, just did not work for mine. No problem, I just moved to the procedure outlined for lenses like mine.

That involved some wet sanding with progressively finer sand paper, using the sanding block provided. The directions are very clear, first horizontal strokes, then vertical strokes and finally, the polish. Since I was pretty cautious, the first lens took me about 20 minutes. The second took less than 10 minutes and they both looked like new.

The last stage of the process is to apply the sealer that helps to retain the polish and repel dirt. That's really a matter of spraying it on, waiting 15 minutes and then buffing it with the soft cloth provided. It's just like a mini wax job.

The process was easy enough but how did it work? Could I really see a difference in the performance of my headlights? I remember when this car was new remarking to Doris how the headlights really "lit up the road" and frankly had not noticed how much they had dimmed over the years. I'd just gotten used to it I guess.

The first time I took the car out after dark I was frankly shocked at the difference. It was like I'd just pulled the car off the lot several years ago. There was that much difference.

I've recommend the Quixx kit to all of my friends who have an older vehicle or one that has high miles. I can't imagine a better spent $20.00 for vehicle safety. The added bonus is that part of that will also go to wildlife conservation efforts and that's always a good thing.

Have you checked you headlight lenses lately? I had not but I'm glad that this new product was brought to my attention and recommend that you consider it if you find that your lenses are discolored or worn. You can read more about it at and you can read more "Product Test" articles at

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