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Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket from Woolrich

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39 Boardman Drive
Woolrich, PA 1779

"Based on Woolrich's most popular jacket, the Dorrington, this rugged hip length jacket will keep you warm, but won't restrict your ability to perform in any situation. Garment washed for a broken in feel with large reinforced pockets to provide integrated discreet carry options. Back locker loops conceal entrance to hidden accessory tunnel. Accessory tunnel accommodates plastic restraints and provides routing for electronic wires. Front hand-warmer pockets with internal accessory loops. Adjustable waistband and cuffs. Sleeves are insulated with diamond-quilted 60-gram Arctic Insulation™."

There has been a definite chill in the air in Southern Illinois for the last few weeks. Frost has greeted early risers and the trees have shed most of their leaves.

If you're going out for a walk, to run errands or just meeting with friends at the local coffee shop, a warm jacket is needed for comfort.

There are many options for a warm jacket of course and many of us have a favorite that we've worn for years. When the air cools off, we just automatically reach for that jacket. I think I've just found a new "old favorite" in the Discreet Carry Twill Jacket from Woolrich.

This jacket has a lot of very desirable features, not just bells and whistles for the sake of having them but features that really are a benefit in daily use.

First of all, it looks great. It has a slightly distressed look but not the ragged look that some products have today, that makes it look like you've worn it for a few years. I like that.

It fits and hangs right. I know that's not a very precise description but you know what I mean. A jacket, or for that matter any other article of clothing, either feels and hangs right or it doesn't. This one does.

Pockets. This jacket has pockets where they should be, deep and strong. The outer hand warmer pockets have handy elastic loops and they also zip closed, if need be, to keep you from losing whatever you put in them.

It also has inner pockets, one left and one right, that are reinforced with elastic loops that will accommodate any "carry gun" that you might choose. These pockets have a hook and loop closure that's secure but easy to access. There's also another deep inside pocket, satin lined, that could be used for any number of purposes and it has a secure zipper closure.

One perhaps not so obvious advantage to using a properly outfitted jacket as a "carry option" is that you may remove it and still have good access to your firearm.

A belt holster under a jacket works just fine but if you remove your jacket it's exposed. There are other concealed carry options of course, like ankle holsters and inside the belt holsters. Both can work but they may also be uncomfortable or hard to reach when needed.

Sticking your handgun in an inside or outside pocket of a regular jacket is also an option but keeping it in the proper position for access can be problematic.

This jacket works because first of all, it's well made for the purpose intended. It can hold your firearm in the proper attitude, securely and discreetly until needed. With the jacket removed, access is still easy and quick and yet your firearm is not exposed.

One thing you won't find on this jacket are those "sleeve pockets", curious patches, or other adornments that call attention to the wearer. This jacket truly is discreet.

Did I mention that it's also warm? It seems to be able to ward off a chilling wind as well or better than any I've worn. It's not heavy but there's something about its construction and probably the insulation that combines to make it work really well at keeping you warm and comfortable.

The adjustable waistband and cuffs allow me to fit it very well to my needs and keep out any drafts. It hangs just below my belt and provides the warmth in the vital lower back area.

With more and more law abiding citizens electing to exercise their right as Americans to carry a firearm for personal protection, the Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket from Woolrich is a great option and one that I'd recommend that you consider.

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