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Mountain Khakis Teton Twill Shirt

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Mountain Khakis
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M's Teton Twill Shirt

"Our classic everyday, everywhere Teton Twill Shirt is your new traditional attire. It’s social, playful, adventurous... just like you. Dress it up for nights on the town, dress it down for nights by the campfire, always with our MK high quality pants. Our 4.8oz cotton twill is finished with our proprietary Lava Wash™ process for a buttery-soft feel and slightly-distressed look. 2 chevron chest pockets. Grosgrain-reinforced placket and pocket openings. Drop tail back hem. Casual fit. 5 colors. Rise Above It with MK."

This is a very good shirt! It fits right, it feels good and frankly, it looks great. It's also a tough shirt that you can wear all day and know that it will hold up and look as good hours later as it did when you first put it on.

I stay pretty busy and my activities can vary greatly over the course of a day. Having a shirt that not only looks good when you put it on but holds up over the day is very important to me. I also want anything that I wear to hold up over the long term. I want value for my money!

Does the MK Teton Twill Shirt deliver value for the money? I set out to determine just that.

Sure it felt good and held up over the course of a busy day and sure it drew compliments from folks who saw it but would it hold up to my torture test that put it through a year of normal wear in just a couple of months?

To determine that, I decided to wear it for all or most of a day for whatever I did, outside and inside, wash it and then repeat that process for about 60 days.

I wore it around the office, outdoors to the range, to conferences, to a retreat, to church and anywhere else that my normal activities took me.

I did pay attention to the laundering instructions but other than that, I just washed it and wore it.

So, how did it hold up to this marathon? Quite well, thank you.

If anything it's a bit softer and feels even better now than it did when I first put it on and wore it for the first time. The color is still strong and it still retains its shape over the course of a long day. It's also become one of my favorites, as Doris predicted it would.

Today, maybe more than ever before. we need to have value for the dollars that we spend. We need clothing that is well made and that will last for a long time. We also want clothing that looks good and feels good. The Mountain Khakis Teton Twill Shirt does all of these things and does them very well.

If you're looking for quality and value in a  shirt or pair of pants that you can wear just about anywhere, I'd recommend that you check out the Mountain Khakis line at

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