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StraightJacket Shooting System

Product Tests

Teludyne Tech Industries, Inc.
1018 S. Batesville Rd. 3-D
Greer, SC 29650

“When we install the StraightJacket™ Barrel System on your existing rifle barrel, it will significantly improve accuracy by removing the harmonic waves and rapidly dissipating heat. The results of this will be a drastically more consistent shooting rifle. The TTI StraightJacket™ is finished off with our patented Recoil Brake that is included with each installation. With the gains in accuracy and cooling and much greater comfort during recoil, all this adds up to you being a much more successful shooter.”

What I heard when I was taking a little break and just walking around looking at different products at the NRA Convention & Meetings last April was “…the harmonic waves….” and that was enough to get my attention and stop me in front of the Teludyne Tech booth.

I just stood there for a few moments listening as the effects of reducing harmonics on rifle barrels was discussed. Most of us have read about or have had experience with some device which is supposed to reduce barrel harmonics and improve patterns in rifle barrels. There have been several such devices over the years and I’ve used a few.

What has captivated my imagination for the past several years, and more particularly since I became involved in the sport of still target shooting, is the effect of harmonics on the patterns of shotgun barrels. I’ve read all that I can find about the subject (very limited information) and discussed it with folks who have some of the best minds in the shooting industry today. Most acknowledge that they believe barrel harmonics effect shotgun patterns but very few have attempted to quantify real effect.

I patiently waited my turn and when my chance came, I introduced myself and began a conversation with the folks at Teludyne Tech Industries. You can read much more about StraightJacket shooting system at their web site and that is basically what they explained to me, with some “show and tell” built into the presentation.

I listened as patiently as possible and then asked about the effect of the StraightJacket system on a shotgun barrel. There was a little break in the action but not for long. We discussed the idea that harmonics would effect shotgun patterns as it effects patterns of rifles. Waves of energy moving down a barrel must cause some “ripple effect” (my words) with both kinds of barrels and negatively influence the point of impact (POI).

Then we discussed the heat dissipating qualities of their proprietary material that is injected between the existing barrel and the StraightJacket outer sleeve. Again in my words, it allows each shot to be fired from a “cold” barrel and eliminates the wandering from POI that can occur when a barrel heats after a number of shots.

The benefits of this shooting system seemed to be a more rigid barrel, reduced harmonics and the ability to shoot from a cold barrel each time you pulled the trigger. Would it work with a shotgun barrel? That was the question I had for the Teludyne guys. After a discussion we all agreed to give it a try.

It so happened that I intended to be in the area of  South Carolina where Teludyne is located a couple of months later. We agreed that I’d  visit with them more on that trip. Over the  next 30 days or so I had several conversations with the Teludyne folks to learn even more about the system and to help me make a decision about having one of my guns equipped with it. After weighing the pros and cons of several guns, I decided to have my Savage 210 barrel “StraightJacketed”.

Doris and I visited Teludyne in May and met with Alan Adolphsen, Chairman of the Board and the inventor of the StraightJacket system,  Mark Roth, President & CEO, Mark Hatfield, VP of Logistics  and Noel Lasure VP of Marketing & Product Development. (You can read more about the credentials of each of these men by visiting the site.) Each of them are experts and specialists in their particular fields and could answer any questions that I had.

After some additional discussion about the particulars of the procedure for installation of the StraightJacket system, I elected to have the 304 Stainless Steel StraightJacket Barrel System installed and  after completing the necessary paperwork, I left my Savage shotgun with them.

I’d had a custom barrel made for my Savage 210 several years before and frankly, it shot pretty well. I had some reservations about “tinkering” with it but after the visit with Teludyne and my conversations with the various “team members“, I had confidence that the performance would not be lessened in any way and with luck, it might be improved upon. It was also the first shotgun barrel that they’d installed the StraightJacket shooting system on for a paying customer and I liked that idea.

Approximately 4 weeks after the delivery of my gun to Teludyne the installation was completed. Frankly, I loved the look of it. It had the appearance of a “bull barrel” but with a fraction of the weight. I could hardly wait to take it to the range and see if the performance in the field had really improved.

Prior to taking the Savage to Teludyne, I had taken it to my range and fired 10 rounds of 3” Hevi-13 “Bronze” shells with 2 oz. of #6 shot through the gun. at 40 yards. I shot at big paper (36” x 36”) and circled the best 10” and 3” patterns on each target. I was most interested in the 3” patterns since this is a still target gun but I also wanted to see the 10” patterns and be able to compare them with the post-StraightJacket patterns.

The Results

The best  patterns that I’d seen with the Savage prior to the StraightJacket installation had from 27 hits within the 3” circle. That’s really pretty good and capable of winning most still target shoots that I’ve attended in the last few years.

However, after the StraightJacket installation, under very similar atmospheric conditions, at the same range, I had scores of 39 to 42 within the 3” circle, very consistently.

I also noted that the 10” patterns were much more even and dense than those prior to the installation. That’s purely a subjective evaluation but I’ve looked at a lot of patterns over the years and these were much better than I’d seen from this gun.

The real proof of the value of the StraightJacket Shooting System came on June 5th at a still target shoot in Medina, OH. In the first day of competition  shooting in a squad of the 12 Gauge Open Class, I was able to put 45 pellets in the 3” circle at 40 yards. That score proved to the highest shot by any shooter throughout the entire 2011 season!

The next month, at my range I bettered that  by scoring a “54” in the 3” circle.

I normally tell anyone who asks that my guns shoot much better than I do and that’s certainly true with my StraightJacket equipped Savage 210 shotgun. All of the patterns are more dense, with evenly spaced hits and when I do my part, the 3” patterns are simply unbeatable by any gun I’ve seen.

The Practical Application

The StraightJacket Shooting System certainly worked to better my 3” target scores and at least to my eyes, the 10” core patterns were more dense and even but does it have a practical application for the turkey hunter?

It’s a given that we turkey hunters are always looking for a way to better the performance of our guns. The StraightJacket Shooting System certainly does that but is it applicable to the guns that most of us take to the turkey woods? To answer better answer that question, we had Teludyne Tech put a StraightJacket on Doris’ Remington 870 Express, the gun that she uses for hunting and still target shooting and one of the most used shotguns in the turkey woods today.  Did it work?

Well…first of all, she convincingly won the Women’s World Still Target Championship with that gun earlier this month. In just a few days, she’ll head to the turkey woods with that same gun  for a fall turkey hunt. We will make one change however, we’ll take the bright red allaboutshooting decal off the barrel.

The StraightJacket Shooting System was developed for rifles but has proved itself in the shotgun world as well. If you’re interested in improving the performance of your rifle or shotgun, I’d recommend that you give the folks at Teludyne Tech a call and let them discuss your needs with you. I think you’ll be very pleased with what you hear.

You can read more about the StraightJacket Shooting System by visiting  and  you can read more “Product Test” articles by visiting

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