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  • #30106 Digital Hygrometer
  • #30077 Silica Gel Desiccant
  • #30078 Universal Gun Rack System
  • #30002 Modular Pistol Rack

Companion products! At least that’s what I call several products that just naturally work together. In this “Product Test” article, I tried several of these companion products and you may find that some or all will be helpful to you as well.

Hyskore has, over the past several years, become one of my favorite companies because they make so many products that just make sense. They also make many products that I need, that work as intended and as they are described.

Most of us who shoot have several guns. Maintaining those guns and storing them properly can be a challenge. I’m always looking for ways to make that whole process simpler, easier and more effective.

A few months ago, I found 4 products from Hyskore that just naturally seemed to go together and also to meet a need that I had.

Like most of you, I’m always concerned about the effects of excess moisture on my firearms. In conversations with manufacturers and distributors over the years, I’ve been told that maintaining a relative humidity of about 50% is ideal for most guns. Steel will of course rust if left unprotected in highly humid areas and too much humidity can also damage wood. However, conditions that are desert like can be harmful to expensive wooden stocks over time.

The key to keeping humidity at the proper level is first to know what the relative humidity of the area in which you store guns is. The Digital Hygrometer from Hyskore fills that bill very nicely. It has a large LCD display that shows the current relative humidity and with just a press of the memory button, you can display maximum & minimum readings. It several ways of mounting, Velcro or magnet or you can just use the supplied stand and put it on a shelf.

Knowing what the relative humidity level is just the first step of course and the next is taking the proper measures to regulate it. That’s where the Silica Gel Desiccant comes into play.

Over the years I’ve used several products to control humidity. Silca gel has always been one of the best but the “vehicle” that contains it has been the complicating factor. Hyskore has several versions of this products but my favorite is the one that has the perforated steel canister with the magnetic base. It keeps the humidity level where I need it and the silca gel is renewable with just a little heat in the oven. A great product that will last a lifetime.

Both the Universal Gun Rack System and the Modular Pistol Rack have found a place in my gun safes. I can hang several of the Universal Gun Racks on the doors of my safes and store handguns securely and safely. They are readily visible as well.

There are other guns that I like to store on the shelves of my gun safes and the Modular Pistol Rack works perfectly for that. Each rack accommodates 3 pistols or revolvers and is easily expandable. The closed cell, non-reactive foam will not absorb moisture and does not react with lubricants or solvents. Again, guns are very visible and secure.

You may find, like I did that these products just seem to go together or you may want to make your own combination of some or all of them. Either way, I don't think you'll go wrong with any of these items.

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