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JEB'S Precision Chokes


Jeb's Precision Chokes
463 Burketts Ferry Rd.
Hazlehurst Ga. 31539
912. 347.1512 - Bobby’s Cell
912. 347.0709 - Jimmy’s Cell

“I designed the Jeb's Head Hunter to stack the shot in front of the wad cup inside the choke tube and exit before the wad cup. This eliminated the wad cup deflection and the flyers. My theory made one of the most advanced Recoil Reduction systems available by staging the shot inside the choke tube instead of pushing the whole pay load of shot and wad through the choke all at once.” --Jimmy Washam, designer of Jeb's Head Hunter Turkey Choke.

“Could I speak to Jeb?” That’s a pretty common request to Jeb’s Chokes from callers these days. There’s just nothing quite like speaking to the owner and designer of a product that you want to purchase or know more about. While I did not ask for Jeb, I did want to know more about Jeb’s turkey chokes, so I called the number on the site. My first contact was with Bobby Sears.

Bobby was very forthcoming, accommodating and answered all of my questions. After a couple more conversations with Bobby, gathering additional data, I decided that I needed some first-hand experience and ordered some of Jeb’s Head Hunter turkey chokes for my Remington and Browning shotguns.

I have to say that the pictures do not do these chokes justice. They are simply the most beautifully made chokes I’ve seen. The care and craftsmanship put into them is very obvious, both inside and out. All but one of each thread type were in the original 17-4 PH Stainless finish. Two were in an attractive  green camo finish of some type that would certainly hide them from an inquisitive turkey’s eye. The stainless finish however allowed me to truly see the craftsmanship involved and since I know how to use a spray can…

Beauty is one thing but performance is another. Off to the range with a tried and true Remington 11-87 and with another long tested gun, a Browning BPS. I took several boxes of 3” Hevi-13 “Bronze” shotshells with 2 oz. of #6 shot, a lot of “big paper” and a Plexiglas 10” circle to evaluate the patterns.

I shot chokes with exit diameters of .645, .650, .655, .660 and .665 and then shot another choke that I’ve shot for years as a control, so that I could compare the pattern of each Jeb's choke with the patterns of a known performer.

I  counted the pellets in the 10” circle in each pattern shot, compiled averages, recorded the deviation from high to low for each round and then just for fun, counted the highest 3” score in each pattern. I reviewed (subjectively) the evenness of each 10” pattern as I did with each 20” pattern. I’ve learned over the years that "evenness" is in the eye of the beholder. Lastly, I looked for patterns with “clusters” (several dense 3” groups) of shot in them. It represented a lot of work and time spent with these new choke tubes.

I know that some readers may be interested in the numbers for each exit diameter in each gun but the vast majority of readers will just want to know what worked best in each one. For that reason, that’s what I’ll publish but if you’d like to know more, please contact me directly.

In both the Remington 11-87 and the Browning BPS the top performer for me was the Jeb’s Head Hunter Turkey choke with an exit diameter of .650. That choke tube produced patterns averaging in the low 190s in the 10” circle with very even distribution. The 20” fringe patterns were also excellent and in many, the 3” patterns were 35 or higher.

A “proving ground” for any turkey choke has always been the World Championship Still Target Shoot that is sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation and takes place at their headquarters the first weekend of October each year.

There before a crowd of witnesses, you lay it all on the line and are able to compare your product with all the others represented. It’s one thing to state what your product has done at your range but it’s another thing to prove it at this event. That’s what the folks at Jeb’s chokes chose to do.

They also chose the most difficult class in which to participate, the Hunter Class. In that class everyone starts on a level playing field. Each seat (position) in the semi-finals must be earned at this event.

Enter Bobby Sears with his factory stock Browning BPS and the Jeb’s Head Hunter turkey choke. Shooting against at least 5 former World Champions and besting all of them, Bobby captured that class very impressively.

I looked at many of the patterns Bobby shot not just for the 3” patterns but also for the 10” and surrounding patterns that are of more interest to most of us as turkey hunters. What I saw pretty much duplicated the results I’d seen at my range with those chokes. Incidentally, he used the Head Hunter with the .650 exit diameter for his win. In speaking to him he confirmed that he’d seen better results with that choke in his BPS just as I had.
(You can see some pictures of those patterns by visiting , clicking on the 2011Still Target Shooting “results” page and following the links to the photographs.)

It was a gutsy move to put it all on the line in a grueling contest of 2 days of shooting 3” turkey loads for 9-10 hours each day, in front of many sometimes highly critical witnesses but that’s what they did and it worked.

Did I ever get to speak to Jeb? Well no I did not. You see “JEB” stands for Jimmy, Eagan and Bobby. I have not yet met Eagan but I can tell you that both Jimmy Washam and Bobby Sears are true gentlemen and just plain good folks.

You can learn more about Jeb’s chokes by visiting or giving them a call at one of the number above and you can read more “Product Test” articles by visiting 

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