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Original Mountain Pants from Mountain Khakis

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How good can one pair of pants be? If they are the Original Mountain Pants (OMP) from Mountain Khakis, they can be pretty good.

For the past 60 days I’ve literally been trying to wear a pair out…with very little success. I’ve put them through at least a normal year of wear and tear in that time frame and frankly, they’ve just gotten better and better. They’re just softer and more comfortable than they were when they were brand new. Even Doris who’s pretty critical of clothing has nothing but good things to say about the OMP.

I’d been looking at MK pants off and on for quite a while and really liked what I’d seen, 100% cotton canvas, diamond-shaped action gusset, YKK zipper, reinforced heel cuff and many other premium features but I already own a lot of khaki pants.  It’s just so easy to put on a pair of khakis and go just about anywhere without feeling either overdressed or underdressed. I like that idea.

Since in my opinion, you can’t have too many pairs of good khaki pants, I  ordered the  OMP in “Yellowstone” . MK says their pants are appropriate from “…base camp to  board room…” and I intended to put them to those uses and more.

Since my OMPs arrived before dove season here in Southern Illinois, I decided I’d use that event as my maiden voyage for them.

A few friends and I had a dove shooting trip planned for some time. It’s always fun. We begin with a nice lunch, some catching-up on recent events in our lives and then, it’s off to the dove fields. It had been very hot and dry for several weeks but that had not stopped the weeds from growing.

That meant a pretty long walk through some waist high ragweed and other tall and sometimes itchy weeds. We hunted some sunflower fields that had no shade, other than those high weeds.

Did I mention it was almost 100° at noon when our hunt started? As I was sitting there I began to wonder about grown men, sitting in a weed field in 100° heat, waiting for little gray birds.

We’d enjoyed a nice lunch, the companionship was good and soon, the little gray birds were flying overhead. As the afternoon went by and more birds were accumulated, I noticed that while it was very hot, the OMP were still pretty comfortable.

When shooting time was over, we carried our buckets, guns and doves to our waiting trucks and stopped for a while to visit, have a cold drink and relive some of our more “interesting” shots. It had been a great day and we all were reluctant to let it go but finally we loaded everything up and went our separate ways to our homes.

After 2 long trecks through very high  weeds, several hours spent in near 100° heat and a long drive home, my OMP had held up well. They didn’t sag or feel heavy  and frankly, they still looked pretty good.

Since I wanted to give these pants a real workout, I tossed them into the washer as soon as I returned home, cleaned the doves and took a cool shower. Out of the dryer, they looked as good as new but were they literally ready for the “board room”?

I sit on the boards of several of organizations and it happened that I had a meeting the very next evening. Coupled with an appropriate shirt, and jacket, I donned my OMP and headed off to my meeting.

I felt just as comfortable in the board room as I had in the field the day before. Okay, so dove field to board room, they worked but that’s really only 2 times that they’d been worn and any reasonably well made pants would do that, right?

I decided that I’d try to wear them some every day around the property, the shooting range, in to town, to meetings, to church on Sunday night and generally pretend that I only had one pair of long pants. I would not baby them in any way and they’d go into the washing machine and dryer every evening. Let’s just see how they’d hold up under that kind of abuse.

As a final test, I decided I’d wear them to the Still Target Championship Shoot in Edgefield, SC. At that event we shoot from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. each day for 2 days. The weather conditions are always unpredictable. It can be 40 in the morning, the high 90s in mid afternoon and back in the 40s when we quit. It’s part endurance contest and part shooting skills contest. I’d give the OMP the same challenge, survive this looking good (after a couple of months of constant abuse) and you’ve made my all time list of great pants.

So, after all of this how would I rate my OMP? They are the best I’ve ever worn. They are just softer and better looking, at least in my opinion, than the day I first put them on. Don’t take just my word for it however , just ask Doris.

When we were driving back home from South Carolina, we stopped at a sporting goods store along the way. As we were walking in, Doris looked at me and said, “You really look good in those pants.” After a few decades of being married, that’s quite a compliment…to the pants anyway.

If you’re in the market for a good pair of pants, I’d recommend the Mountain Khaki Original Mountain Pants. With normal use and wear, I’ll bet they’ll last you many years and just keep looking better and better.

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