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Universal Rack & Organizer by Hyskore

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193 West Hils Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Probably like many of you, I always seem to need a way to "stack" some guns. It may be while on a shooting or hunting trip or just at home in a gun safe. It always has presented a challenge to find something sturdy that will hold my guns but yet be easy and quick to install.

Hyskore has taken care of that problem with their new "Universal Rack & Organizer" system. In one compact box you receive 4 dense foam "racks" and both hook & loop and magnetic fasteners, so that you can install the racks just about anyplace you can imagine. I had mine up and working in about 5 minutes.

"A high density EVA foam rack and vault organizing system, with a capacity of up to 12 scoped guns and 11 un-scoped guns. It can attach either by a magnetic tape or adhesive backed Velcro. Both the tape and Velcro are supplied with the set."


Doris and I are still target shooters and travel over the Eastern United States to compete in this sport. Many, perhaps most of the time, convenient gun racks just are not available or if they are, they may expose our guns to adverse weather conditions. Many times our guns are on top of cases or on a table that we take with us.

With the arrival of the Universal Rack & Organizer system, that problem is solved. When we arrive at a location, we can attach the racks to the edge of our ever present table and have plenty of space to securely store our guns until needed. For convenient travel, we simply detach them and store them in the original box. It's a fast, simple, secure and easy system. Another one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" items.

If you've not visited the Hyskore site, I'd encourage to you to do that. They have some great stuff!

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