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Portable Armorer's Vise from Hyskore

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“The Portable Armorer’s Vise can be used at the workbench or at the range. It is a versatile gun servicing fixture that clamps to a bench top and rotates 360º around a horizontal axis. A gun can be held at any required angle for all cleaning and servicing procedures.”

Sometimes the simplest devices are the handiest. That certainly holds true with the Portable Armorer’s Vise from Hyskore.

We all know what a vise is and probably have one of some sort in our workshop. Unless they are made of plastic, they are usually very heavy and pretty permanent.

The Portable Armorer’s Vise breaks all the rules. It’s certainly very sturdy and it does have some “heft” to it but it’s also very easily portable.

Everything I’ve ever seen from Hyskore is well built, maybe even overbuilt and made to last a lifetime…or more. This one is no exception. Parts are well made, fit together smoothly and I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about it holding your gun.

This one takes all of 5 minutes to put together and install on your bench, picnic table or any other sturdy table with a top of 3/8” to 2 3/8”. Put it on take it off, take it with you to the range, whatever meets your needs at the time.

Best of all, it rotates 360° so guns can be held at any angle for cleaning, scope mounting or maintenance. It’s also padded so that it takes good care of your gun while you’re working on it. A portable vise that just works just like one in your shop. (It does have provisions for permanent mounting if you should choose to do that.)

I used the Portable Armorer’s Vise to help me install an ATI adjustable stock on my Remington 870. I was able to secure the receiver and then work on both ends of the gun by rotating the vise to meet my needs. It’s pretty handy to only fix the gun in the vise one time, from start to finish. It saves a lot of time and prevents a lot of frustration.

I took this opportunity to use the new ATI Mag-Socket wrench to remove the forend from the 870. This is one great tool. Now you don’t have to disassemble your shotgun to remove the forend. Another real time saver!

I can tell you that my afternoon went much more smoothly since I was able to use these great new tools. Doris may even venture into my shop now and again when I start to work on guns. In the past, that’s always meant an unexpected trip to somewhere!

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