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LensPen Outdoor Pro

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“Contains everything you need to safely and effectively care for the lenses of your scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, cameras and more. Includes: 1 Original LensPen, 1 LensPen MiniPro, 1 MicroKlear Microfiber Cloth, 1 FogKlear Antifog Cloth and 1 Convenient Nylon Carrying Bag with Belt Loop.”

“LENSPEN is simple to use, convenient and proven the best lens cleaning system in the world. Use it for lenses on cameras, camcorders, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, rifle scopes, night vision and more.”

Like many of you I have rifles and shotguns with telescopic sights, spotting scopes, night vision scopes, shooting glasses, binoculars, camcorders and cameras. All have lenses that are subject to dust, dirt and severe damage or scratching if not cleaned properly.

Many of us have used LensPen products for years and found them to very effective with a brush to remove surface dust and a dry carbon cleaning compound that removes smudges and fingerprints, etc.

Now LensPen has come out with a package designed especially for those of us who spend a good bit of time outdoors and need to keep our accessories in tip top shape at all times.

The LensPen Outdoor Pro comes in a small zippered case that easily attaches to a belt, vest or pack. It contains: 1 Original LensPen, 1 MiniPro II LensPen, a LensPen MicroKlear suede microfibre cloth, a LensPen FogKlear anti-fog cloth and instructions, everything needed to keep your lenses clean and in good shape.

I’ve been doing a lot of work at the range in the past few weeks with several guns including scoped rifles and shotguns. A spotting scope and now a still and video camera accompany me on almost every trip. All that “glass” in a dry and dusty environment and my occasional fingerprint on a lens, means that I need to be able to clean those lenses pretty quickly to prevent permanent damage or degradation.

I’ve carried a LensPen in my pocket or shooting bag for years. That’s worked well and I have no complaints. This LensPen Outdoor Pro has however added a new level of convenience. It has everything I need in one small package that easily fits on my belt. I really like the new, at least to me, MiniPro LensPen. It’s very handy to clean those small lenses typical on small digital cameras.

I’ve been using the Outdoor Pro for the past several weeks and found it to be just what I need. If you use scopes, cameras, etc. and spend a good bit of time outdoors, I’d recommend that you consider this new product from LensPen.

You can read more about the Outdoor Pro and other LensPen products at the web site above and you can read more “Product Test” articles at

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