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Mossberg 935 Pattern

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Mossberg 935 and SSX Turkey Choke

191 in 10" at 40 yards!

This is what a turkey gun is all about, picking a shotgun, turkey choke and a box of shotshells "from the rack" and shooting this kind of pattern.

That's exactly what you're looking at in the picture above. This is a factory Mossberg 935 and all that's been done to it is a "deep cleaning" of the barrel. I also cleaned the SSX Turkey Choke prior to installation.

I used 3" Hevi-13 "Bronze" shells with 2 oz. of #6 shot and, sitting in a turkey hunting position on a low boy stool, fired the shot that produced this pattern.

I like this because it means that using the same gun, choke and shells that I used, anyone can have a reasonable expectation of achieving the same results.

I can not however overemphasize the importance of deep cleaning the barrel. There is an article at entitled "Cleaning a Shotgun Barrel" that outlines that procedure.

I have recommended that procedure for many years and hundreds of shooters have used it to improve the performance of their guns. In many cases, that was all that was needed.

Lastly, the Mossberg 835 and 935 shotguns are capable of some of the best hunting patterns that I've seen. While 191 hits in a 10" circle are certainly not necessary to kill a turkey, it's reassuring to know that you have that kind of pattern available when and if it is ever needed.

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