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Over & Out Electronic Hearing Protection

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Over & Out
Tactical Stereo Hearing Protection

193 West Hills Road
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"Hyskore® Over & Out® 6 Channel LED Hearing Protectors

Our Over & Out® 6 Channel Electronic Hearing Protector with LED Lighting is the most advanced hearing protection available. It has more desirable and functional features than any other hearing protection device.

With true 6 Channel Stereo reception. Each ear pod has 3 microphones, 3 speakers and 3 separate amplification circuits for AV quality reception. Choose either impulse or compression hearing protection with the flick of a switch. The impulse circuit provides maximum hearing protection by stopping transmission to the speakers when outside sounds exceed 85 dB. The compression circuit filters out sounds above 6K Hz (the normal range of human voice). This position allows the user to hear conversation, such as range commands, but filters out sounds like gun shots.

MP3 / Ipod and Communicator input and amplification.

The Over & Out® hearing protector can interface with either an MP3 / Ipod (or similar device) or a communicator (Talkabout or Walkie Talkie). By selecting the MP3 / Ipod position the compression and impulse circuits will not function. Only the MP3 / Ipod signals will be received. Use the Over & Out® Hearing Protectors to amplify the MP3 / Ipod signal. The MP3 function is also active in the compression and impulse modes. Five ultra bright white LED's light the way to the front. While walking in the dark or when hands free light is required, this is the perfect solution. Three Red LED's face to the rear to act as safety beacon that clearly identifies and marks the position of the wearer.

If you want the best electronic hearing protection at a reasonable price, choose Over & Out®."

A long time ago, I realized that most “things electronic” were smarter than I am. My vehicles, my television set, my computer, my GPS are just a few of those “things”. I never really thought that I’d find hearing protection that I’d have to include in that group but now I have!

I shoot a lot. Many times it’s just me at the range with a few guns but other times, I’m at a public range shooting sporting clays or a round or two of 5 stand, skeet or trap. I really try to protect my hearing, what’s left of it anyway and several years ago had some custom ear plugs made. They work pretty well and I use them with muffs when I’m shooting a lot or when I’m shooting some really loud guns, like my .44 magnum S&W revolver.

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different muffs. Many are “liquid-filled” and several are electronic. Some were just too bulky to use with any long gun but did okay with hand guns. Some of the early electric models ate batteries and soon left me with just another pair of unwieldy muffs. The later modes were much better and I have a couple that I use on a semi-regular basis. What I don’t like about most is that when I’m at a public range, every time a round is fired, the sound cuts off and invariably that happens when I’m trying to have a conversation with a fellow shooter. I may put up with that for a while but then I find myself either shouting to be heard (I can’t hear him, he must not be able to hear me.) or I just take them off.

Finally, technology has caught up with the real needs of shooters. The Tactical Stereo Hearing Protection “Over & Out” from Hyskore is the best I’ve seen at giving me a choice of the type of hearing protection I need at the time.

When I’m at the range by myself, I simply select the “Impulse” mode and it  shuts down the sound when I shoot. When I’m at a public range with many shooters firing off shots, I can select the “Compression” mode, protect my hearing but still hear normal conversation without interruption.

I started using a pair of the O & O muffs a couple of weeks ago when I had a lot of shooting to do. I shot a number of guns, rifles, shotguns and some high-powered wheel guns. I also traveled to a couple of gun dealer friends to get their take on several new products and to hit the sporting clays range for a couple of rounds.

I really wanted to hear what these very knowledgeable folks had to say about the O & O muffs too.

First of all, thankfully, while there’s a lot of electronics packed into these muffs, they are also compact enough to allow a normal gun set with your shotgun or rifle. I had no problems with banging  the right ear piece like I have with many others in the past. I loaned them to my friends to try and they all had the same experience. They worked and did not get in the way when quickly shouldering  a shotgun. They also liked the option of the impulse and compression modes very much. Being able to adjust each ear individually was another plus. Most of us right-hand shooters have lost some hearing in that ear and need a bit more amplification there.

The O & O can also easily be converted to my favorite position, over the cap to behind the head, when the need arises.

The O & O has some other features that I’m sure are very valuable to the “boys in blue” and anyone else needing true tactical gear. Included as a part of the package  is a “communicator interface” with a push button operated microphone and lapel clip. For those needing more sounds, there’s also a connector for an iPod or MP3!

The O & O folds pretty compactly when not in use and includes wire belt clip to hang it when it’s not being used but needs to be kept handy.

Lastly, the O & O has a feature that I would never have thought of but was really appealing to some of my L.E.O. friends.

It has what I referred to as headlights and taillights. My friends pointed out the real value of these to me. Not only can the LED work and safety lights help you see where you’re going, hands-free but the rear-facing red lights quickly identify you as a “friendly”. Like I said, these things are smarter than I am!

The Over & Out Tactical Stereo Electronic Hearing Protection from Hyskore work. If you’re in the market for some great hearing protection that gives you a choice, I’d recommend that you give them a look. You can read more about this and other products from Hyskore at the site above and you can read more “Product Test” articles at


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