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The Black Gun Shooting Rest

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The “Black Gun” Shooting Rest

193 West Hills Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Phone: 631.673.5975

About 2 months ago I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to preview the new “Black Gun Shooting Rest” from Hyskore. I’ve been using it since that time with a variety of guns, including rifles and shotguns. I even took it to the World Championship Still Target Shoot in Edgefield, SC last month, where it came in really handy for re-zeroing shotguns after a long road trip.

This is a pretty straight forward gun rest, popularly priced but still includes many excellent and even unexpected features for a rest in this price range. Features like a leather covered front rest, a secure padded yoke & web strap for the butt, full elevation adjustment and it’s capable of accommodating AK & AR style 30 round magazines. In addition, this rest disassembles in 30 seconds for transport and storage. Of course, since it’s from Hyskore, it includes a bubble level and adjustable front legs to make sure everything is level and square.

When the Black Gun Shooting Rest arrived, I took a few minutes to perform the final assembly necessary and then headed to my range with a few guns, a lot of ammo and the rest.

Since it’s made specifically for black guns, I put it to the test with my civilian model, semi-auto AK clone. I loaded a 30 round magazine and popped-off those rounds in a controlled fire situation, just to see how everything worked. Experiencing no problems there with the way the gun fit, etc., I inserted another magazine and, pulling the trigger as quickly as possible, I put 30 more rounds down range. Great! I was able to control the gun easily and keep it on target.

Next, I tried my Benelli Vinci, mixing up some 2.75” target loads and 3” turkey loads, just for fun. Again, I was able to control the fire and the rest really helped to soak up the recoil from the 3” turkey loads. A couple of deer slugs down the bore also convinced me that it would come it really handy sighting in my slug deer gun this fall.

Lastly, I tried a new 25.06 Mossberg 4x4 bolt-action rifle. Everything fit and it was easy to cycle the bolt, holding it steady for some positive groups at the 100 yard range.

Sometimes things are just too complicated, so complicated in fact that I just don’t use them. The Black Gun Shooting Rest is not one of those products. Over the last 60 days, I’ve found myself using this rest more and more. I’ve used it with several other guns, including rifles and shotguns. I also used it to sight in a card shooting gun for a shoot a couple of weeks ago.

I can pick this rest up, put it on my bench and be ready to shoot in just minutes. It’s easy to adjust the elevation and to make sure everything is square with the adjustable legs and verifying my “eyeball” evaluation with the included bubble level.

When I got ready to travel to South Carolina, it was a very simple matter to partially disassemble it and pack it in the car trunk for transport. Once there, it was just a matter of a minute or two to have it set up and readied for sighting-in my shotguns.

Today, when budgets are tight but we still have the need for quality products that do the job, it’s refreshing to see a company like Hyskore rise to occasion and produce the Black Gun Rifle Rest.

If you have a black gun, shotgun, or any other long gun that you plan to sight in in the next few months, I’d highly recommend this rest. I understand that it will have a retail price of under $100.00 and should be available soon at several retail stores. I think the NRA already has it in their catalog.

You can find Hyskore products at these retailers:

CABELA’S » HySkore Products at Cabelas

or you may contact them directly using the information above.

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