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Grand American Challenge

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One shooter walked away from the Grand American Trap Shooting Championship with a cash prize of $100,000.00 in a "winner-take-all" shoot on Saturday afternoon.

The inaugural  "Grand American Challenge" took place on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of the handicap championship.

Participants were selected from the winners of the 9 handicap events and one additional handicap shooter, picked at random from shooters who’d entered at least 4 handicap shoots. 

The prize of $100,000.00 cash was donated by Bill Martin of Utah and was in addition to the prizes awarded to all of the other winners at the 10 day event.

Devon Harris, the Shooting Promotions Manager for ATK/Federal, won the inaugural Grand American Challenge and the $100,000.00 cash prize, by winning  a shoot-off to make it to the challenge and then by running 50 straight to win.

James "Danny" Curtis of Mount Olivet, Kentucky, a self-described " boy, farmer and factory worker", was the 2010 Grand American Handicap Champion. He ran 100 straight from the 21 yard line to win that title. Unfortunately for Danny, he had not entered enough handicap events to be eligible for the Challenge.

Bucking the trend of most shoots this year, The Grand was up by 5% in attendance. That's despite temperatures being over 100 degrees most days.

The World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Illinois has become a real hub of shooting activity since its opening 5 years ago. Just the week before the Grand there were 1600 Scholastic Clays Shooters there with parents, grandparents, other family members and coaches.

Today, there are many challenges to gun ownership, hunting and the shooting sports but the scholastic clays program and the large number of shooters and spectators at the Grand are two very bright spots.

With over $400,000.00 available in cash prizes at the Grand for 2011, anyone want to get serious about trap shooting?

You can learn more about the ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) and how you become a registered shooter by visiting the ATA site  and read more about shotguns, shooting and outdoor products by visiting

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