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i-KAM XTREME Video Eyewear

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"i-KAM XTREME incorporates an advanced mobile video recorder into a lightweight pair of glasses. Whether it's your children's latest ball game, a downhill ski run, a fishing trip, or your last hunt, now outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds have a hands-free way to record what they see and play it back for future enjoyment.  

i-KAM XTREME offers completely wireless operation, with  required. It has a digital camera incorporated into the frame with 4GB of built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording. The glasses will also accept a Micro SD card for an additional 8 GB of memory. The integral microphone captures all the sounds to go along with the video.  

The glasses can be hooked directly to a PC with the supplied USB cable to view the video, or when using the Micro SD card, it can be inserted into a card reader to watch footage.  

Each pair of i-KAM XTREME glasses comes with four interchangeable lenses in smoke, brown, yellow and clear to use in all lighting conditions. Frames are available in both glossy and flat black, RealTree camouflage and white. A hard bodied carrying case, cleaning cloth, AC adapter and instruction manual are also included."

I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting to see when the i-Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear arrived but frankly, I was very impressed with my first look at it.

It weighs next to nothing and it  looks pretty much like an ordinary pair of glasses.

I followed the directions for charging, 12 hours for the initial charge  (about 3 hours after the unit is initialized) and then I was ready for a trial run.

My trial run was just to make sure that it really worked as easily as the directions indicated it would. I turned on the unit (green light), pushed the record button (blue light blinks), put the glasses on and started wandering around the house.

I intentionally went into darkened rooms and bright rooms to test the ability of the camera to adapt. Then I visited the garage and my workshop. I took pictures of the cats and a few of Doris before heading back to my office to "see my work".

Viewing the video is very easy. I just plugged the cord into the  i-Kam Xtreme and then into an available USB port on my PC.  My PC found the "new device" loaded the program and with a couple of clicks, I was soon viewing the video.

I have to say, I've never seen better video from any camera I've used or seen used. I was not expecting this kind of quality. It was clear and sharp regardless of the lighting and no matter how quickly I moved from subdued light to bright light. The sound quality was also excellent. This is a very impressive piece of technology.

Next I took it to my range along with a Bennelli Vinci and a Winchester Super X3 that I've been evaluating, side by side. I really wanted to see how the  i-Kam Xtreme handled the recoil and sound of these 2 shotguns.

After a very short time, I literally forgot that I was recording the action and just shot like I normally would with both guns. In this session I was shooting full power turkey loads through some pretty tight turkey chokes. They do rattle your teeth at times.

I recorded about 40 minutes in total before I shut down the  i-Kam Xtreme and headed to the house. After I'd looked at a few targets and wiped down my guns, I plugged the  i-Kam Xtreme into my PC to take a look at the video.

It was as clear and sharp as before. Any concern I might have had about the volume of the gunshots or the recoil damaging the  i-Kam Xtreme were soon put at ease. It worked just fine and let me know that it would work equally well in any hunting situation I might encounter.

I was a bit amazed at how much I looked down at the ground as I made trips back and forth to retrieve targets! Wear the  i-Kam Xtreme around for a bit and you soon realize how much head movement occurs in the course of a few minutes.

We truly live in an era that has produced some technological marvels. To think that you can wear a pair of glasses that have a camera and sound system included and that weighs no more than your regular glasses, is truly remarkable.

There are many possible uses for the i-Kam Xtreme. To be able to video shooting events, hunting situations and other outdoor activities and only have to wear a pair of glasses is fantastic.  The interchangeable lenses make it possible to use them in any light situation and it's even possible to have prescription lenses made for them.

Based upon my experience with the  i-Kam Xtreme   I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to record events easily with high-quality results.

You can read more about the  i-Kam Xtreme at the site listed above and read more "Product Test" articles at

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