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Bushnell BackTrack Point-5

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Bushnell Corporation
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Bushnell BackTrack Point-5

"BackTrack Point-5 functions similarly to the other BackTrack products, but has some additional features for your outdoor adventure which include: a digital compass that also shows you your latitude and longitude coordinates; the current time, temperature, and altitude, as well as the ability to mark and store up to 5 locations. Ideal for finding your car after a day of hunting, tailgating, finding your way back to your hotel in an unfamiliar city, getting to your favorite trailhead, and much more! It is also small enough to stow inside your pack, purse, briefcase, or purse."



  • Store and locate up to five locations
  • Includes latitude, longitude coordinates
  • Includes time/temperature/altitude
  • Utilizes the latest digital technology:
    • High sensitivity uBLOX GPS reciever
    • Quick satellite acquisition
  • Weather resistant
  • Operates on 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Compact size stores easily in your pocket or purse
  • Carabinear clip included for easy attachment
  • Self calibrating digital compass
When Bushnell introduced the BackTrack a while back, I was very excited to see a simple, lightweight and inexpensive GPS unit on the market.

I've used GPS devices for many years and several generations. All worked pretty well and over the years they've become much more readable and user friendly but most, if not all had so many features that I never really used. I always wanted a very simple, light-weight device that would help me in unfamiliar territory.

I'm glad that I waited for the BackTrack and especially for the "Point-5" model that I've recently been using. It's still the same simple device as the original but with some added features that I find beneficial.

To test the performance of the BackTrack Point-5, I turned on the unit, waited a couple of minutes for it to acquire a satellite and then calibrated it by moving the BT in a "figure 8" pattern, as outlined in the Quick Start Guide that comes with the unit. You can also download a "Full Instruction Manual" at

I also took the time to go through the various other functions available, temperature, altitude, compass, distance units and to adjust the time to our area. Next I marked my current location with the one step button, waited for it to be set and then turned off the unit.

I walked down a couple of well-known paths and into the deeper part of our woods, then I turned the unit back on and as soon as it acquired a satellite the pointer gave me the direction and distance, in yards, to my first location.

One very nice feature of the BT Point-5 is that you can mark 5 locations. That would come in pretty handy if you made your way a long distance into unknown territory. You'd be able to use the different locations as waypoints and make it even easier to find your way back to your original location. In that way you'd be more likely to follow easily traversed paths.

I also like the symbols used to mark locations. Home, Car, Star, Flag and Target are easy to remember and combined with the readout that gives your distance to each one, it would be easy to use them as waypoints.

The screen on the BT Point-5 is plenty large and easily read. It has a backlight function and an automation cut-off should you forget to turn it off. It's also very light and came with a carabiner clip that can be used to attach it to your favorite place if desired.

I have not run mine long enough to verify the AAA battery life but it would be very easy to carry some backups in your pocket or backpack.

The BT Point-5 is also weatherresistant and is very light, so I'm much more likely to take it with me than I am a larger unit. The display on the compass provides coordinates should you ever need those to direct someone to you in an emergency situation.

The $89.95 SRP seems like pretty inexpensive insurance against getting lost in the woods. For that matter, it would also be worth the price to help you find your vehicle in a "big-box" store parking lot!

If you're in the market for a GPS unit, especially one that's very easy and simple to operate, I'd recommend that you consider one of the Bushnell BackTrack units.

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