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Remington HyperSonic Steel Shotshells

Product Tests

I've been shooting the Benelli Vinci off and on for the past couple of weeks. When I received some of the new Remington HyperSonic steel waterfowl shells with the Xelerator Wad, I could hardly wait to take it to the range with these new shells.

The HyperSonic shells throw a 1.25 oz. load of #2 steel shot at an astounding 1700 f.p.s. from the muzzle!

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In the picture above you can see the components of the new wad. The stem that covers the primer and represents the "first stage" of the process, splits into 3 petals and the shot cup portion splits into 4 sections.

The new Xelerator Wad is quite a departure from traditional wads that I've seen over the years. It allows much higher velocities while keeping chamber pressures within acceptable levels. I suspect that we may see this wad in other shotshells from Remington in the future.

The Benelli Vinci is a very light shotgun and I shot several of these shells through it using a factory, flush mount modified choke tube. That's what I usually use for waterfowl with steel shot.

I must confess that I was not  holding the Vinci tightly enough for the first shot and the recoil was fierce. I was also only wearing a "T" shirt and that put all of the recoil into my right shoulder. For subsequent shots, I held the gun much tighter and also wore clothing more "appropriatel" for waterfowl hunting.

I'll pattern these shells at hunting ranges later and let you know how they work through different guns and chokes.  I just wanted to see how they felt with this very light shotgun and how the wads looked after they were shot.

Lastly, I'd have to say that this Remington steel shot is some of the best looking steel I've ever seen. It appears to be perfectly round and as shiny as a new quarter.

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