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There are times, I must admit, when I am not too eager to try another gun cleaning, lubricating or protectant product. After all, we’ve had gun oil for as long as I can remember. There are also several good products to remove plastic build up, copper fouling and for the last several years, products that make claims to do all of the above. So, how can any new product be better than what we already have?

I’m not sure exactly when I started to notice a new trend in gun cleaning products but somewhere along the line, I started to notice that several were promoting the fact that theirs were non-toxic and could even be shipped by the USPS as non-hazardous substances. That caught my eye.

Over the last few years I’ve tested several  products with the “non-hazardous” claims and frankly have found that many of them work as well or even better than their “less environmentally friendly” cousins. To my way of thinking, any time that you can use a product for any purpose that’s less hazardous, it’s a good thing.

Several months ago, the good folks at M-Pro 7 Weapon Care Products sent me a variety of their products to try. I received some gun cleaner, gun oil and copper remover. All were attractively packaged  and instructions for use were straight-forward and clearly written. One very interesting fact to note was the statement that these products are the same quality and meet the same standards as their products used by our combat troops.  I like that.

So, how do you go about testing the claims of any new gun CLP product? The only way that I know is to see how it works, over time, in different situations. I also like to try a new cleaner on an item that I’ve cleaned with another product and that I believe to be “squeaky” clean already. A note of caution here, if you want to try this at home.

Many gun cleaning products, including those from M-Pro 7 Weapon Care, will caution you against mixing brands of products and that is very good advice. Just as you don’t want to mix household cleaning products, due to the possibility of creating some noxious gas or harmful chemical reaction, you don’t want to combine gun cleaning products. There could be some ingredients that could harm your gun or for that matter you, when combined , that are perfectly safe when used alone.

Heeding that warning, I took a previously cleaned shotgun turkey choke, made sure all the previous cleaner had been removed and tried the M-Pro 7 gun cleaner. I followed the directions by spraying on and letting it set for a few minutes while I did a few other tasks. Then I ran a clean cotton patch through it and saw that there had still been some carbon that had remained inside it.

Next, I pulled a fire control unit from a Remington 870 shotgun that needed a really thorough cleaning after a season of use. In this case, I sprayed the entire unit pretty thoroughly, let it set and then used a toothbrush to get in the “nooks and crannies”, sprayed it again, let it set and then used some compressed air to blow out the gunk and remaining cleaner. The unit  was clean and shiny with a minimum of work on my part. I also noted that this product removes all oil and it’s recommended that you lubricate and protect any metal surfaces after its use. This gave me an opportunity to use the  “Gun Oil LPX” on the moving parts and to put a light coat of oil on any of the steel surfaces (excluding the sear) of the unit.  That gun would see a lot of use over the next few weeks and I’d be able to evaluate how well the oil held up and if it attracted dust and unburned powder. More on that later.

Next, I put the M-Pro 7 to my “acid test”. I have a number of small parts that were protected by  Cosmoline  many years ago and have been subjected to both time and temperature extremes. That means they are now covered with a substance that resembles shellac, more than anything else. It’s nasty and very hard to remove. How with M-Pro 7 gun cleaner work here?

Again, I followed directions, sprayed the part and let it set for several minutes. When I returned, I gave it a few swipes with a toothbrush, sprayed a bit more to wash it and then used a flannel rag to remove everything. Clean! That’s my real test for any cleaner and it passed with flying colors.

Remember that Remington 870 fire control unit that I cleaned. Well, after several hundred rounds of various shotshells, I pulled the fire control unit to see how it had fared. There was some unburned powder and gunk there, as a product of my “from the muzzle” cleaning process  but it came out easily with some judicious use of compressed air and I did not see any gummy residue.

So, what’s my opinion after using the products over a period of several months. They work. They have no unpleasant smell and did no damage to any unprotected surfaces. They are non-hazardous,, environmentally safe and most important, did I say they worked? I recommend them.

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