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Timney 870 Trigger Fix

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Timney 870 Trigger Fix

Timney Maufacturing
3940 W. Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85019.

Some time back, I received a Timney 870 Trigger Fix from Timney Maufacturing. This new product was introduced at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January. It was a hit there and has captured several new product awards in the several months since its introduction.

Most of us love our Remington 870s but hardly a week goes by that I do not hear from someone complaining about their 870 trigger. Many times they are heavy, gritty, with lots of creep and "slop".

In all fairness, the 870 trigger works just fine for most shooting but when turkey hunters or deer hunters using an 870 as a slug gun try to shoot it like a rifle, the trigger can be very troublesome. Enter the Timney 870 Trigger Fix.

I love my 20 gauge 870 Express but have struggled with its trigger. It was an obvious candidate for a trigger improvement.

It's been a very busy season for me and I just had not been able to find the time to install and try this new product. Since the turkey season was winding down and rain was keeping me away from the range, I had some time to give the trigger fix a try.

The "fix" includes 3 springs; Blue = light pull weight, White = medium pull weight and Red = heavy pull weight; a new Teflon finished sear that has a set-screw and a small wrench, used to adjust the set screw in the sear.

For whatever reason, my package did not contain instructions, so I just went to the web site and downloaded them.

The instructions are, for the most part well written, simple and straight-forward. There is really only one "tricky" part and that involves the re-installation of the of the sear pin.

Tolerances are pretty tight and the instructions are a little vague about exactly how to reinstall the the sear pin. This is one of those cases where getting the part out, is much easier than getting it back in.

I'm sure an experienced gunsmith can do this with his eyes closed but I could have used somewhat better instructions.  I did get it done however and the rest was very easy.

I tried the "blue spring" (the lightest) first but no matter how I adjusted the set screw, I could not get the sear to engage. When I replaced the blue spring with the "white" spring (medium weight) I had no trouble in getting the sear to engage, so decided to go with that one.

I tried the trigger pull several times, adjusting it with the supplied wrench, until if felt "right". The trigger pull was crisp, with no creep or over-travel. It felt much better! My guess is that it's about a 3 lb. pull now and that's just fine with me.

Because I was not really familiar with the process, the whole process, including a complete tear down and cleaning, plus the installation and adjustments, took about 20 minutes. Not a bad investment of time.

How would I evaluate the "Timney 870 Trigger Fix"?  It's well made, finely finished and except for the instructions lacking a bit about the re-installation of the sear pin, they were easy to follow. I'm not sure why the lightest spring would not work in my gun but will contact Timney to see if they can tell me about that.

Overall, I'd rate it as a first class product. It is not inexpensive with a MSRP of $89.95 but if you have a bad trigger and want to take care of it yourself, it should fill the bill very well.

I'll shoot this gun quite a bit this year and will have an opportunity to see how everything holds up to a few hundred rounds of 3" turkey loads.

Timney guarantees this product for a "lifetime of dependable service" and will repair or replace any parts at no charge to the purchaser. That's a good guarantee from a well-known company.

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