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The Gobbler Exam

Advice for the Shooter

The Gobbler Exam

Turkey hunting presents an almost zen-like conundrum. How do you outsmart that which has no smarts? In their annual spring ches match with hunters, turkey don't even know thye're playing -- yet they stalemate us more often than not.

Since you can't match wits with a witless bird, try matching wits with our four turkey experts instead. If you can score well against these guys, you stand a good chance against the real thing this spring. The Gobbler Exam comes in four sections; 1.) Science, 2.) Calling, 3.) Guns and Shooting, 4.) Hunting Strategies. Not every rule in turkey hunting is absolute, and with some questions we've gone with our experts' opinions as the "most correct" answers. You may disagree with them in some instances, but if you can read their explanations, you'll probably learn some new tricks that can help you tag a bird this spring.

Part I: Science (questions 1 - 12)
Expert: Lovett Williams
A biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Williams ( is the nation's best-known turkey authority. He writes the Biology column in Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine and also arranges hunts for Gould's and ocellated turkeys.

Part II: Calling (questions 13-24)
Expert: Shane Hendershot
A three-time Ohio stae calling champion, Hendershot was the Grand National turkey calling champion in 2007 and the world champion in 2008. He currently worls as a call designer for Zink Calls (

Part III: Guns & Shooting (questions 25 - 35)
Expert: Clark Bush
Clark Bush designs choke tubes and runs the website He has set three National Wild Turkey Federation still-target records and hunts spring and fall in the turkey-rich woods of southern Illinois.

Part IV: Hunting Strategies (questions 35 - 45)
Expert: Rick White
As a pro staffer for Hunter's Specialties (, Rick White gives seminars and appears in the video series Cutt'n & Strutt'n. A 10-time Iowa state turkey calling champion, White has hunted all over the country and rates the closed-mouth swamp turkeys of the Deep South as the nation's toughest birds.

Here you go and best of luck on your exam:

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