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ATI - A Company That Listens

Product Tests

Advanced Technology International
2733 West Carmen Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209

Isn’t it nice when someone really listens?

A bit over 3 months ago, this writer  published a “Product Test” at for the new Adjustable Hunting Stock (AHS) from ATI. In the process of performing that test, I noted several ways in which the instructions could be improved and/or made easier to understand. I mentioned them in my product test report and then I called ATI to let them know what I’d found.

Sometimes people are not all that happy to hear what they may perceive to be as negative, even if constructive, comments about their products. I was prepared for that but it was certainly not the reception I received from Norma at ATI.

She even asked if she could take notes of my findings, so that she could pass them along to the owners of the company.

Well, okay, that was impressive but would that feedback make its way through the company hierarchy, get approval and then be used to make actual changes? Only time would tell.

I waited for a while and then I ordered another AHS for my wife’s 20 gauge shotgun.  Her length of pull perfectly matches the (shortest) 12 3/8" length of pull of the AHS.

Some changes had been made by the time this one arrived. It showed up in a nifty display box, instead of the poly bag that my first one was in and the instructions had been modified to include the recommendations that I’d made!

So often I hear complaints from many of my readers that companies they do business with never listen. Or they might listen but nothing ever changes. I think we’ve all had that experience and frustration at one time or another.

It’s refreshing to be able to write about a company that does not only listen but also puts constructive suggestions and recommendations into practice.

New products like the Adjustable Hunting Stock, recently rechristened as the AKITA, DYEHARD Camo and innovative tactical products will keep this company on the cutting edge of products.

The culture created and fostered by ATI owners John Chvala and Eric Pfleger, that encourages a willingness to listen and implement change, when that change benefits their customers, will keep them in an elite group of companies on the cutting edge of service.

That culture applies, as far as I can determine, to everyone at the company. Recently,  I called to order another product and after I was thanked for my business, I was told that a new service had been added to the ATI web site.

This service will allow an ATI customer to order online directly, if they can not find what they need at their local retailer.   (Currently, they are also waiving shipping charges to their U.S. customers. That may be a limited time offer, so be sure and check when you order.) It's really all about listening to and meeting the needs of the customer and that's a very good idea.

Isn’t it nice when someone really listens?

To see the full line of ATI products, please click on the Web address above. To read the "Product Test" of the ATI Adjustable Hunting stock and other products, please visit the "Product Test" section of

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