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Federal Home Defense Loads for 2010

New & Unique Products

ATK/Federal has joined the crowd and announced new "Home Defense" shotshell loads for 2010

Their press release states the following:

Personal Defense® Shotgun

This year Federal Premium® is introducing three new 2.75" loads designed especially for home defense.

These have been tested extensively and are proven to be excellent loads to protect you and your family. Two new 12-ga options are available in 2010, one features FLITECONTROL® wad. And a new 20-ga option is available as well.

Features & Benefits

•Tested extensively for home defense situations

•Won’t over-penetrate walls

•Excellent terminal performance

•One 12-ga option features the FLITECONTROL® wad

PD132 00 12-ga, 2.75",  9 pellet 00 Buckshot with FC wad 1145 fps

PD156 4B 12-ga, 2.75",  34 pellet 4 Buckshot 1150 fps

PD256 4B 20-ga, 2.76", 24 pellet 4 Buckshot 1100 fps

The allaboutshooting team has not tested any of these shells, so we can not attest to any of the claims made in their press release.

Home defense shotshell loads are a very "hot" item this year, with new loads having been introduced by Remington, Winchester, Environ-Metal (Hevi-Shot) and now Federal.

Hopefully, we'll be able to include some or all of these new shells from Federal in our ongoing tests of home defense shotshell loads.

Please stay tuned!

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