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Welcome to the Rusty's Rags™ Website!

"My name is Rusty and I am just an old man who has loved guns his whole life. My Dad took me shooting when I was 4 years old and I have been hooked ever since. I guess that makes me an expert with more than 78 years collecting and shooting guns. (I'm 82)
Gun cleaning has always been a problem for me. Sometimes I would not want to go out and shoot because I knew I had to come back and clean my guns. For many years I used the silicone gun cloth found in stores, but like clockwork it would tear up and run out of silicone after a couple of uses. I knew there had to be a better way to clean and protect my guns.
Recently my friends and fellow gun enthusiasts encouraged me to share a new invention I came up with. They gave it the name "Rusty's Rag."
The Rusty's Rag is a hand cut sheepskin cloth impregnated with a special silicone I came up with. It cleans, protects, and gets in all of the many 'nooks & crannies' of your gun that the ordinary flannel cannot. No other product I have come across can do all of those things at the same time The secret is the way the silicone is impregnated into the sheepskin cloth and the silicone formula I use.
I hand cut all of the 'rags' and make the products myself. What else am I going to do since I am retired?
I am so sure you will be satisfied with your purchase; I will give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Please give me a try by using my product the next time you have to clean your guns. I promise you won't be disappointed!
Happy Shooting!

“The World’s Best Gun Cleaning Cloth!” Gets in the many “Nooks & Crannies” that an ordinary flannel can not.”

So says the promotional information for Rusty’s Rags. I wanted to see if this product really worked or if it was just another well worded promotion of just another gun cleaning product.

The only way that I know to do that is to put it to the test…so, I e-mailed Rusty’s Rags and within just a few days I had both the “Rifle” and “Pistol” models in my hands. (At this time, nothing is offered specifically for the shotgunner.)

The “rags” come in a zip lock bag that includes the silicone impregnated wool “rag” and inside that another zip lock bag that contains a flannel polishing cloth.

After reading Rusty’s explanation of why his “rags” work better than flannel (as an example) it made sense that a sheep skin product would better distribute a cleaner/preservative due to the nappy nature of the wool. As far as  “…special way the silicone is impregnated…and the special silicone formula…” well, I’d have to see how that really worked to be a believer.

I elected to use the “rifle” model and proceeded to clean a number of shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers.

The first gun that I cleaned was a Browning O/U with a deep blue finish. Now, this was a bit of a surprise! The gun was pretty wet looking from all of the silicone that was transferred from the “rag”. It certainly looked clean and shiny but I did not want that much silicone on it. I opened the zip lock bag with the included flannel cloth and polished the barrel and receiver and all of the excess was removed, leaving only a clean gun.

Next, I tried a gun that is very hard to really clean, a 20 gauge Remington Express. The finish on that gun is usually death to any cloth or type of rag that I’ve used. Not in this case. Rusty’s Rag did the trick, cleaned it and survived quite well.

I also cleaned a variety of other shotguns and rifles and then turned to several pistols and revolvers, about 15 guns in all. The last gun was as clean as the first and I saw no damage to the “rag” at the end.

In the future I’ll clean more guns and try to give the “rag” as much of a workout as possible. In fact, I’ll try to wear it out.


This product works. I would recommend that the manufacturer put some type of wording on the package to let the consumer know that the first time the “rag” is used, it may leave more silicone on the gun that is desired. (As an alternative, just clean a matte finished gun and you’ll never notice the excess.)

There are directions included but they are “hidden” inside the zip lock bag that has the flannel cloth. If you’re like me, you don’t much read directions anyway but I’d recommend that some wording be imprinted on the package to let you know that there are directions. That would be a good place for the “initial use” statement to be made as well.


I’d recommend Rusty’s Rags if you’re looking for a multi-purpose cleaning/polishing cloth. It works, it appears to be very durable and if my experience is any indication, it will clean multiple guns quite well.

I can’t yet testify to how long it will last but it’s certainly a thick piece of sheep skin with a lot of wool attached. I’d expect that it would last a sheep a lifetime and it may just last that long for me as well.

You can learn more about Rusty’s Rags by visiting the web site listed above and read more “Product Tests” at

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