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The "Turbo Jet Wad"

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Remington engineers say the "Turbo Jet Wad" produces dramatically higher velocities without producing excessive pressures or negatively effecting shot performance.

Scott Hanes, Shotshell Ammunition Product Manager for Remington,  recently released information about the new the "Turbo Jet Wad" to the media. 

The Turbo Jet Wad is a one-piece wad that has a precision engineered "ignition chamber" sitting under a wad that includes  "stress concentrators", see the picture above and explanation below.

When the primer ignites, firing the propellant that is immediately in front of it, the "captive charge" in the  ignition chamber starts to send the wad and shot payload forward, ahead of the main powder charge. ( A hollow stem running from the bottom of the shotcup to the primer holds a small powder charge; the main charge surrounds it.)
The area behind the wad allows the remainder of the powder to burn and increase the efficiency of that process but not increase the pressure.

The shotcup is "self-slitting". It starts out as one piece, to keep the shot together and pattern tighter, then the “stress concentrators” on the sides cut the shotcup into petals, releasing the pellets.

That "burn" process produces a 1700 foot-per-second velocity, the fastest ever in waterfowl ammunition falling within SAAMI standards.

Shells with the "Turbo Jet Wad" will be available in 12 gauge 3" and 3.5" shells for waterfowl  with 1.125 oz., 1.25 oz. and 1.376 oz of shot.

Those shells will provide a shotshell payload that's faster, has more muzzle energy, retains more energy at longer ranges, and shortens leads by 11% or about 8" at 40 yards.

The "Turbo Jet Wad" shotshells are scheduled for introduction in the Spring of 2010.

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