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Shooting USA's Impossible Shots Adds Xtreme Shooter Flanigan

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Shooting USA's Impossible Shots Adds Xtreme Shooter Flanigan
Franklin, TN: Tier One Media, LLC has announced Shotgun Exhibition Shooter Patrick Flanigan is joining the Shooting USA Impossible Shots Television Series in 2010.

"Signing Patrick as the newest member of the Impossible Shots Exhibition Team is the perfect move to support the success of our top rated show," said Jim Scoutten, Executive Producer of the Shooting USA Series. "Patrick brings his youth, enthusiasm and his world records to delight the audience. We know we've got entire families tuning in weekly," Scoutten said. "So adding a young shotgun performer will continue to entertain the younger members of the audience."

Patrick Flanigan said: "Joining the Impossible Shots series will help me connect with the next generation to educate and encourage their shooting and hunting involvement. It is my dream to someday see any or all of the shooting sports recognized as a professional sport on the same level as baseball or football. My shooting campaign is promoting the shooting sports as a professional sport, as I am living proof you can make a career out of your shooting passions."

Scoutten said he's been watching Patrick develop his exhibition career over the past few years. "He's not only grown to be a great entertainer in his personal appearances, he's also documented six world records in exhibition shooting. If we just show you his records, we'll have an extraordinary series of shows. We couldn't be more pleased that he's joining the team."

Scoutten says, Exhibition Shooters are challenged by the Impossible Shots series to keep thinking up new shots to amaze the audience. We've seen a lot of shooters over the years burn-out, running out of ideas and skill.

"Patrick Flanigan represents the new generation with new ideas, new records, and the extraordinary shooting skills to carry the tradition well into the future," Scoutten said.

Patrick Flanigan joins Exhibition Shooters Bob Munden, Byron Ferguson, Jerry Miculek, Gil "Cisko" Guerra, and George Sutton as a contributor to the Shooting USA TV series hosted by Brian Speciale. Shooting USA's Impossible Shots airs year round on Outdoor Channel entertaining an average viewership of 3.2 Million fans per month.


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