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Dead Eye Varmint Rest

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Dead Eye Varmint Rest

193 West Hills Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

"The Dead Eye Varmint Rest securely mounts to the gun and allows the rest to elevate via an adjustable balance point and to rotate on an industrial size thrust bearing. Cheek weld, eye relief, and sight picture remain unchanged shot after shot. Recoil is progressively absorbed by a nitrogen filled compression damper and coil springs and is transferred from the butt of the gun to a multi point adjustable recoil transfer strap. Recoil resistance is adjustable to suit shooter preference."

I am not much of a varmint shooter but I have many friends and readers who are plus I'm always interested in new products, so when I had an opportunity to test the new "Dead Eye Varmint Rest" from Hyskore, I jumped at the chance.

I just keep seeing new and innovative products from this company. These folks seem to always be looking for ways to make our shooting experiences more enjoyable and less stressful. Shooting as much as I do, I'm all for that!

The big box arrived from Hyskore just as the rainy season set in here in (usually) sunny Southern Illinois. The rain prevented me from taking the Dead Eye to the range but it did allow me a good bit of time to assemble, disassemble and generally get to know this new product.

I must confess at this point that I really hate to put things together, change configurations or in general do much with any product except to use it as intended. I do however follow one cardinal rule, I read and follow instructions literally. That is the only way that I know to see just how accurate and easy to follow they are.

(Hyskore also furnishes video instructions for all of their products at their web site, for those of us who are "visual learners".)

I'm happy to report that the very minimal assembly required to get the Dead Eye into action was easily accomplished. This one is just about ready to go, right out of the box. That's my kind of product.

Since I had time, I changed all the springs and dampers, just to see how easily that was done. I had no problems whatsoever and those changes are also easily done. I could mount an AR-15 style rifle and then be ready to mount one of my 3.5" self-loading shotguns in just a matter of minutes. It was equally easy to put a heavy caliber bolt-action rifle in the Dead Eye and be ready to crank out several rounds with that gun.

I did pay attention to the spring and damper "weights" to make sure I was providing enough/not too much resistance for each gun. I found the section in the accompanying booklet to be most helpful with this and, when I actually able to fire the guns,  by using the "grease test" I confirmed my results.

For instructions on how the Dead Eye can be configured, I'd recommend that you consult the instruction booklet and the videos available on the site.

How did it work at the range? The fact that it looks good, is easy to assemble and reconfigure from one gun to another means nothing if it does not work well at the range, right?

The rains finally quit, the sun emerged and the wind was moderate, so off to the range with the Dead Eye and a variety of long guns. I'd like to add here that I really like the built-in handle on the Dead Eye. It makes it very easy to transport. This is one rest that I'd take with me as I travel.

Okay, it looks good, is easy to reconfigure and easy to carry but how does it work?

I mounted several different guns including shotguns, high powered bolt guns and finally an varmint gun in 7.62 x 39 with an extended magazine.

Why is it that I sometimes try to second guess the manufacturer? The Dead Eye did just fine with the shotgun and the bolt gun but man when I put that varmint gun, it really came into its own!

Just as you can see on the site and in the picture above, the Dead Eye is designed for rifles with high capacity magazines. My gun fit perfectly and was as snug as that bug we often hear about.

To call the Dead Eye stable is really a gross understatement. Mount it, sight it and it stays there. You can swivel the gun to take on multiple targets, change the elevation, etc. and it's still right there. There is one real honest problem however. I went through way too many rounds!

Some of you may say there is no real recoil with a gas operated AR type rifle, even in 7.62 x 39. I would have agreed with you until I put mine in the Dead Eye. It was like shooting a .22 only it stayed exactly where I put it, time after time after time...

Do I like this rest? It was so much fun I actually did not want to quit shooting.

Do I recommend it? Only if you a gun and some ammo!

You can find Hyskore products at major retailers and read more product tests at

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