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Dangerous Game Machine Rest

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Product Test

Dangerous Game
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The effects of recoil on the human body are little understood and not often discussed in depth in any shooting publications. We may hear a comment here or there about how a certain firearm really rocked the shooter or when a new recoil pad hits the market, we may hear how much better it is than anything else that’s on the market. Maybe  we don’t want to discuss the effects of recoil too much because we think it will scare away new shooters or discourage older shooters from going back to the range. Whatever the reason, recoil is real and its effects are real.

Sighting in a new rifle or shotgun at the bench can subject us to all the forces of recoil as we lean into the gun, concentrate on the sight picture and trigger squeeze. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to develop a flinch that will effect all of our shooting. Okay, we all realize that but what’s the alternative?

Sand bags, thick recoil pads and devices that use weight to hold the gun in place are all familiar to us and all of them have drawbacks.

Some shooters have noted that guns don’t pattern the same at the bench as they do in their normal shooting position. Some have reported problems with scopes being damaged when using weight to hold the gun steady. Is there an alternative? The folks at Hyskore believe there is.

What if you had a way to hold your gun steady but allow the forces of recoil to be expended naturally. What if you could press the trigger without upsetting the sight picture? What if you could repeat this action time after time and sight in that hard-kicking big game rife, slug gun or turkey gun and have it ready for the hunt without getting “gunny”? The video at seems to indicate that all these things are possible but how does that work in the real world?

A call to Hyskore and the Dangerous Game Machine Rest (DGMR) was on its way to for testing and evaluation.

I don’t know how you feel when big boxes show up at your place but here it’s a combination of excitement and then dread. I’m excited about getting a new product but frankly dread putting it together. The big box from Hyskore brought forth both those feelings. Imagine my relief when I opened the box to discover that just a few parts had to be installed and only a few bolts and nuts torqued to have the DGMR ready for the shooting bench.

This is one impressive looking rest! It uses a couple of Velcro straps, some dense foam, a “V” notch front support and a rear “vice” to support and hold the gun in place. Most impressive are the nitrogen filled dampers that allow the gun to recoil normally when it’s fired and thus avoid any damage to any of the parts of the firearm. When you fire the gun you can actually watch it recoil and return to battery but more about this just a little later.

An instruction/assembly booklet is included with the DGMR. It’s nothing too fancy but  generally does the job. (My copy had some of the wording on page 2 cut off and that made reading it a bit confusing at first.) There is however enough redundancy in the booklet and referrals to the web site for more information, to provide ample instructions for the minimal assembly needed.

The booklet points out that selection of the proper damper is important to protect your firearm and allow the proper recoil movement.  Various cartridges, bullet weights, muzzle velocities and gun weights are listed with the proper damper to be used for each. Unfortunately, there’s only 1 shotgun reference and that is for a 12 gauge slug gun. I don't really see this a problem since by looking at the other guns listed, with various weights, etc. it’s pretty easy to see where your shotgun fits and to select the proper damper.

There’s also a section about building your own shooting bench platform, should one be needed, as well as thoughts on  accuracy. All in all, the booklet is well done.

Okay, so how’s this thing work and what can it do for me? My first trip to the range with the DGMR required me to take my battery powered drill, a couple of hanger bolts and 2 connector nuts, to secure the rest to my bench. (Since my bench is exposed to the elements, I wanted to be able to easily install and remove it. The hanger bolts are screwed into the bench  and the connector bolts allow easy hand-tight installation of the DGMR to the bench.) That took just a few minutes, following directions in the booklet and I was pretty much ready to shoot my first shells.

Installation of the  Hydraulic Trigger Release is a bit trial and error but by following the instructions, I was pretty close to where I needed to be for my first gun.

This DGMR provides almost infinite adjustments for elevation and windage. There are both coarse and fine adjustments that allow you to really fine tune your sight picture. I found that to be very helpful, especially with the first gun that I tried.

I always want to try what I perceive to be the most difficult gun first. I picked a Remington 870 shotgun as my first test. The challenge obviously is that you need to reset the gun after each shot due to the action of loading and ejecting the spent shell. How much trouble would that be?

The initial adjustments for elevation, windage and cant  took just a couple of minutes, as did the fine adjustment of the trigger release. After verifying  the sight picture one last time, I began to squeeze the trigger release. I have to comment here that using the remote trigger release is just like pressing the trigger on any firearm. You use the same gentle pressure and you should be a bit surprised when the gun goes off. I was!

When shooting a “pump gun”, it’s necessary to loosen the forward Velcro strap, to activate the slide and eject the spent round. That means that you  may need to fine tune the adjustments prior to firing your next round.  Once you get into the routine and position the gun within the “V” notch with the same force each time, adjustments become less and less necessary.

Next, I shot a Remington 11-87, self-loader. A one time installation, checking my adjustments and I was able to fire 10 rounds without removing or adjusting the gun. This was almost too easy! An added benefit was that each time I fired the gun using the remote trigger release, I gained a better feel for its operation.


The Hyskore Dangerous  Game Machine Rest functions as advertised to eliminate the effects of recoil from being passed along to the shooter. The remote trigger release allows the gun to remain undisturbed when the trigger is activated and when used properly, allows a very smooth and consistent pull.

This is a pretty sophisticated product that allows a shooter to use a number of different guns by (perhaps) changing the damper and making a few fairly minor adjustments. It comes with all major items assembled and the remaining ones are easily accomplished using common shop tools.

It’s an impressive looking piece of merchandise. The construction is excellent and it’s very well finished. The combination of the instruction/assembly booklet with access to the Internet site, helps resolve any questions that might be encountered in initial assembly and use. (I also consulted with a current user and took some tips from him about bench installation using the hanger bolts and connector nuts.)


This is a high quality product in every way that I know how to judge one. It has a retail price of $249.95 which is quite reasonable when compared to other products with a similar purpose.

The remote trigger release and nitrogen filled dampers add features not available on other products that I’ve seen or tried and based upon my tests, are meaningful and work as well as or better than advertised.

My goals in testing the DGMR were pretty straight-forward. I wanted to see just how complicated this product was to use, how effectively it reduced recoil, if there was any damage to the gun from using it and if I could duplicate the pattern results that I’d seen when firing these guns from my shoulder.

I have owned the 2 guns that I used to test this rest for many years. I’ve fired hundred and hundreds of shells through them of many types with many different chokes. For these tests I used SSX turkey chokes and Winchester Xtended Range High-Density shotshells. These are high velocity shotshells that are known to have a pretty good kick. I also know just how that combination patterns when fired from my shoulder.

In both cases with these 2 guns, my POA/POI duplicated the results that I get when I fire these guns from my shoulder. Patterns were compared to those that I’d previously shot from my shoulder and evenness and density were as similar to those as I’d expect to see when shooting these shells. They may frankly have been just a bit better centered and I attribute that to the lack of getting “gunny” after firing a number of these “robust” shotshells. It’s also very easy to control trigger pull with the remote release.

I spent the better part of one day shooting 3” turkey shells (greatly reducing my stash) through these 2 guns using the DGMR. I watched the gun recoil and the action of the nitrogen-filled dampers as they absorbed the effects.

After the shooting sessions, I cleaned each gun and inspected it carefully for any visible damage. I could see none and everything worked as it should. I would feel comfortable using this rest with any guns that I own.

Once you’ve performed the initial set-up and installation, the DGMR is simple to use and operate.  It’s important to have a sturdy bench that does not move and to be certain that the “bench grip” is firmly situated against the front of your bench.

If your bench, like mine, is exposed to the weather, I’d suggest that you consider using hanger bolts and connector nuts for installation. It just makes it easier and quicker to install and remove.

I also recommend that you take some time to familiarize yourself with all the components of the DGMR, read the instruction/assembly booklet and visit the web site before you begin installation and before you shoot.

This is a sturdy product but could be damaged by dropping it. If I were going to carry it to various locations, I’d build a carrier that would hold it and protect it from inadvertent damage in transportation.

The Dangerous Game Machine Rest did all that it was advertised to do. If you’re in the market for a rest to sight-in your rifle or shotgun, without having to experience the unpleasant effects of harsh recoil, I’d recommend that you consider the DGMR.

You can read more about the DGMR at

To read more field test reports, please visit 


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