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Education is the Key

Advice for the Shooter

In the last 10 years we've seen a dramatic increase in the performance of shotshells and turkey chokes. The introduction of HTL shot and the competition among shotshell and choke tube manufacturers, in part due to the competitions sponsored by the NWTF, to produce better products has worked very well.

With any product that both increases range by increasing the retained energy of the projectile, we increase the danger of hitting a target other than the one at which we're shooting. HTL pellets travel a very long way and carry a lot of energy with them.

The importance of "background" has become even more important. Sitting with your back to a tree that is wider than your body to protect yourself and looking not only at your target (turkey) but also at what's behind him, is very important.

I have tested factory HTL loads with #6 shot at ranges up to and including 80 yards and all of them will bury shot in pine boards at that distance.

We also have the same situation with modern slug guns and with modern muzzle loading rifles. When most hunting regulations were passed, a slug gun was at best perhaps a 40 yard gun and the muzzle loader was a primitive (by standards today) side lock percussion or even flintlock rifle, shooting a patched ball.

We are inventive folks and always looking for something that works better and mostly, that's a good thing.

Safety first and foremost depends upon the shooter/hunter but all of us owe it to ourselves and the sport to encourage, coach and teach others about some of the possible consequences of a too quick or careless shot.

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