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How It Began.

Advice for the Shooter

When I started testing shotshells for a couple of companies, I did not know anyone else who did it, either as a business or as a hobby.

I furnished those companies with the information that I got from shooting and used that information for my personal education as well. I was working with a choke tube manufacturer and he would look at the results I'd obtained and then we'd prototype a choke to see if tweaking a design would better the results.

I bought every turkey choke that I could find and if they were made in different exit diameters, I bought those. I expanded that inventory to include chokes for different brands of guns. That was not too difficult then because there really were not too many different chokes and as interest grew, I just grew my inventory with them.

I discovered that as I purchased different brands of guns and shot different barrel lengths that patterns would change, even though I used the same chokes and shotshells. Some of that had to do with the very nature of shotshells and the inconsistency that I noted in them, some had to do with the individual "character" of various barrels but more had to do with the differing lengths of the barrels.

Since I had folks who would e-mail me and ask questions about a particular shotgun, shotshell or choke tube, I wanted to be able to refer to actual tests, to be able to answer their questions. Those inquiries did not take too much time in the beginning, just some phone calls from someone who'd talked to a friend, who'd talked to me. It did however start to snowballl and I found that I was spending several hours per day on the telephone with folks. I enjoyed doing that but as time went on, I realized that I would not be able to continue to do that and continue to test shells and other products that allowed me to share what I'd learned. It was then that I went to an Internet web site and started using e-mail as a vehicle to be of assistance.

Eventually, the current site was developed, again just to be a clearing house and source of information for shooters and hunters. I would recommend a particular product to folks and suggest that they purchase it at a store nearby. That worked pretty well, except some of the folks that I spoke with could not find the products that I recommended or did not have any store nearby at which to shop. The large "box" stores either did not carry what they wanted or did not have web sites or just were not helpful. After a while and at the urging of some of my readers, I began to carry a limited number of products and market them on the site.

My rule of thumb was that I had to have tried it, found that it performed as advertised and that it represented a value for the dollar spent. I also vowed to ship everything as soon as possible and within 12 hours of receiving the order. I've been able to do that 99% of the time.

So, that's the story of how began and how it's evolved over the last 18 years. I've enjoyed meeting so many fine folks and being able to be of assistance has been a real joy. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to many more years of service.

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