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Doris Bush has a natural talent for shooting.

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Doris Bush is one of those extraordinary individuals who has a natural talent for shooting. When she decided that she’d like to join her husband, Clark, in his passion for competitive still target shooting, she went at it like she does any other project she tackles, all out! She learned everything that Clark could teach her and perfected her own style very quickly. Clark says, “If you’ve seen Doris shoot one time, you’ve seen her every time. Her technique is exactly the same each time she shoots.”

If you observe her, as many have over the last 2 years, you immediately see some of why she’s the Women’s World Record Holder and Women’s World Champion in still target shooting. One thing you’ll immediately notice is that she just does not get in a hurry to get her shots off. She takes her time, steadying her gun (watch the barrel and you’ll see it just does not move) and waiting for any discernable wind to die. Her trigger squeeze is perfection! Try and watch the movement and I’ll dare to say, you’ll never see any movement and will be surprised when the gun goes off.

In an interview with a reporter, Doris was asked what she’s thinking about when she’s on the line shooting. “I see the shot leave the muzzle and watch it as it hit’s the 3” red circle. I don’t move until I’ve seen the holes in the paper.”

It may be very difficult to fathom exactly what Doris has accomplished in just 2 years of shooting. She’s set a new World Record of 30 pellets in a 3” circle at 40 yards, freehand AND she’s won a World Championship. All of this using a stock Remington 870 Express shotgun, just like anyone can purchase at their local sporting goods store. Now the choke was special!

Doris shoots the Swarm 20 Gauge Turkey Choke that anyone can also purchase at  It is special because her husband Clark, helped to design and test the Swarm choke. That project was started in about 2000 after seeing that there were no really excellent 20 gauge chokes on the market. After about 5 years of research and development, Swarm was introduced at the NWTF Convention & Sport Show. Many shooters and hunters around the U.S. and Canada now use that same choke for turkey hunting.

Doris Bush, learned to concentrate and be disciplined as a professional musician. She is an accomplished organist and pianist and shares her talents with others through her service at her local church. She’s also the mother of 2 sons and the grandmother of 3 grandsons.

You won’t hear her “toot her own horn”, even though she could but if you want to see a world class shooter, just watch Doris Bush.

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