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The Shooting Lane is Clear!

Advice for the Shooter

On May 8, 2009 Southern Illinois was hit with what has been called an "inland hurricane". That storm had winds in excess of 105 miles per hour, was very widespread, carried inches of rain/hail and then lasted for much more time with winds of 60 mph. to 80 mph.

Thousands of folks in the area were without power for about a week, trees and power lines were down everywhere and there was extensive structural damage both commercial and residential.

Unfortunately, 2 folks lost their lives due to the storm or storm related activities. Scores were injured severely and hundreds had clean-up related injuries.

Our home, one vehicle, our shop and garage were damaged. We lost many of our most productive apple trees, including 1 that was 60+ years old and produced bushes of Red Delicious apples each year.

Another casualty of the storm was my shooting range. Several large trees were felled and one especially large one, 120'+ was right in the middle of the 40 yard shooting lane, the one that I use most.

While other projects certainly took priority, the range, where I spend many hours testing shooting products, was always on my mind.

Finally, day before yesterday, just about a month after the big storm (we've had several others that have caused additional damage since) I was able to cut up the largest tree and clear the shooting lane. I've not been able to make time to shoot yet but that day is coming soon.

I will get back to my tests of the new 20 gauge Federal shotshells with the Flitecontrol Wad and will report to both you and Federal what works best.

I'd been testing existing chokes and a couple of prototypes that seem to hold a lot of promise. Bear with me for a bit and I'll let you know more soon.

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