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Patterns-#7 Heavyweight shot in Federal's new 20 Gauge shell

Product Tests

Here's one I thought you'd be interested in. Frankly, it was very unexpected. After hearing from a reader, I tried the 20 gauge SSX .550 e.d. with the 3" Federal 20 Gauge Flitecontrol Wad shell with 1.50 oz. of #7 shot.

Prior to this, I'd only shot chokes with e.d.'s from .555 to .585. Goes to show, you just never know until you try a particular choke.

Conditions of the Shoot

Partly Cloudy
Wind: SE at 4 mph
Humidity: 57%
40 yards from Caldwell shooting bags
Remington 870 Express 26" bbl.
292 in 18"x18" 86% in approx. equivalent area of 20"circle
155 in 10" circle 46%
337 shot in payload

I only shot a couple of these shells. The other target was similar in count but I shot somewhat to the left.

 I'll be reporting more results as I continue to test this new shell with various chokes.

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