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Winchester Repeating Arms Recreates A Piece Of
 John M. Browning's Legacy
April 2009
Morgan, Utah - One day in 1878 while repairing, what he called a "freak", John M. Browning said to his father; "I could make a better gun than that myself." "I know you could John Mose," his father replied. "And I wish you'd get at it."  
A year later John M. was granted a patent on his first rifle invention, the 1878 High Wall and in 1885, Winchester Repeating Arms Company purchased what would become the Winchester 1885 single shot rifle.
Once again, in conjunction with Winchester Repeating Arms, Davidson's Gallery of Guns, makes it possible to own a piece of John M. Browning's legacy. With fifteen Limited Series configurations, along with seven calibers to choose from, you can now add this wonderful chapter to your valued collection.
Available Models:
HW Sporter
Creedmoor Black Powder
Short Hunter
HW Trapper
Traditional Hunter                    
Available Calibers:
50-90 Sharps
405 Win.
30-40 KRAG
MSRP $1514.99 to $2226.56
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