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New 20 Gauge Turkey Loads From Federal

New & Unique Products

"Over the last few years, hunters have learned the crushing performance of Mag-Shok™
HEAVYWEIGHT® turkey loads. The FLITECONTROL® wad gives unbelievably tight patterns, and the dense HEAVYWEIGHT Shot (15g/cc) carries impressive downrange energy. Over the last few years, Federal has added a couple new 12-gauge options, including a #7 offering. The FLITECONTROL wad has now been developed to offer these devastating turkey loads in both 10 and 20-gauge. Toms now have more than the 12-gauge to fear.

Features & Benefits
• Tight patterns
• Impressive downrange energy
• Very dense HEAVYWEIGHT® Shot (15g/cc)
• Now available in 10 and 20-gauge

Part No. Description
PHT101F 6 10-ga, 3-1/2-inch, 2 oz, #6 HEAVYWEIGHT 1375 fps
PHT101F 7 10-ga, 3-1/2-inch, 2 oz, #7 HEAVYWEIGHT 1375 fps
PHT258F 6 20-ga, 3”, 1-1/2 oz, #6 HEAVYWEIGHT 1100 fps
PHT258F 7 20-ga, 3”, 1-1/2 oz, #7 HEAVYWEIGHT 1100 fps"

The above quotes are directly from the folks at Federal and might be exactly what you'd expect them to say about their products, right?

I've shot literally hundreds of the Federal 12 gauge shells with the Flitecontrol Wad, since 2005 when they were introduced. I've shot both the lead and Heavyweight versions and learned a lot about how those shells react to different barrels and chokes. I've published my findings previously on this site and you can read about that at

What I'm most excited about currently and so, I've learned are many readers, is the news that there will be a 20 gauge Heavyweight shell offered in both #6 and #7 shot, in 2009. Now that is news!

I've been talking to the folks at Federal about this load and their initial tests, both on the range and in the field. Results are very impressive.

Other folks who've had an opportunity to shoot them have been equally impressed. I recently read an article by Phil Bourjaily in "Field & Stream" magazine in which he sings the praises of this new 20 gauge turkey load.

I have not had an opportunity to try these new shells but plan to as soon as the weather permits and I'll report my results to you.

I would like to call attention to the fact that not only will there be 2 new Heavyweight 20 gauge loads but also 3 new lead loads, featuring the Flitecontrol Wad.

PFC258 4 20-ga, 3”, 1-5/16 oz, #4 1185 fps
PFC258 5 20-ga, 3”, 1-5/16 oz, #5 1185 fps
PFC258 6 20-ga, 3”, 1-5/16 oz, #6 1185 fps

Until I have an opportunity to try these loads and report my results, I'll leave you with this to ponder. Imagine a swarm of 1.5 oz. of #6 or #7 shot making their way toward a big, gobbling spring bird. Did that conjure up an image that you'd like to see this spring?

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