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Definitions of Terms

Speaking the Language

Shot String: The distance in a fired shot load from the last pellet to the leading pellet in a pattern as it reaches the target

Length of Pull: The distance from the center of the trigger in the cocked position to the center of the butt plate.

Stock Drop: The angle a stock either is above or below the center line of the bore of a shotgun. Largely a matter of preference and facial shape/structure.  The drop amount depends on the line of sight that will provide a sight picture which will match the point of impact of the shot load at a given distance.

Stock Cast: The amount of offset angle from the long axis of a shotgun to which a stock is set. For a right hand shooter, if the butt of the stock is canted to the right when viewed from the top, this is referred to as cast off and if to the left this is cast on. Some opposite-eye-dominate shooters require a shotgun to be set up as if for the other handed shooter.

Point of Impact: The center point at which the shot load patterns at a given range.

Point of Aim: The center point at which he gun is aimed at a given range.

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