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Constriction & Exit Diameter

Speaking the Language

Standard (Stated) Bore Diameters

12 Gauge

Benelli .723

Beretta Optima .733

Beretta Mobilchoke .723

Beretta Xtrema Optima Plus .733

Browning Invector Plus .741

Franchi .725

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag .775

Remington .730

Ruger Red Label .745

Winchester .730

Winchester Super X2 .741

20 Gauge

Benelli .627

Beretta .627

Browning Invector Plus .630

Remington .620

Winchester .620

Constriction = the reduction of the “Standard (Stated) Bore Diameter” by the choke. For example, a Benelli barrel with a “Standard (Stated) Bore Diameter” of .723 and a choke with an exit diameter (e.d) of .650, would yield (.723 - .650) .073 of constriction.

Exit Diameter (e.d.) = the diameter of the choke at the muzzle end.

Most Turkey Chokes are referred to by the Exit Diameter (e.d.) for example: “This is a 650 choke.”

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