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NWTF Convention & Sport Show 2008 Seminars

Activities and Exhibits

The 2009 NWTF Convention & Sport Show will return to Nashville, TN in February. If you've never attended one of these events, I'd encourage you to make plans to attend this one.

There are products for all your turkey hunting needs and your ticket will allow to attend seminars conducted by many of the professionals in the hunting & shooting field.

The following is a list of presenters this year:

  • Scott Basehore-Custom Call Maker
  • Ricky Joe Bishop-Lohman Game Calls

  • Clark Bush-Shooting Professional

  • Paul Butski-Butski's Game Calls

  • Brad Campbell-Master of the Wingbone

  • Randy Denhart-BASF

  • Ray Eye-Eye on the Outdoors

  • Zach Farmer-Custom Call Maker

  • Marty Fischer-Host of Shotgun Journal

  • Denny Gulvas-Gulvas Wildlife Adventures

  • David Hale-Knight and Hale Game Calls

  • Howard Harlan-Custom Call Maker

  • Shane Hendershot-2007 NWTF/Wild Turkey Bourbon Champion

  • Mark Kelly-Lodge Manufacturing

  • Tom Kelly-Author

  • Dick Kirby-Quaker Boy

  • Harold Knight-Knight and Hale Game Calls

  • Wayne LaPierre-National Rifle Association

  • Bill Lester-Delta State University

  • Johnny McRight-DeltAg

  • Matt Morrett-Hunter's Specialties

  • Hilary Nickerson-Master of the Wingbone

  • Thomas Nickerson-Master of the Wingbone

  • Chris Parrish-Knight & Hale Game Calls

  • Walter Parrott-Parrott and Jones Outdoor Products

  • Jim Pollard-Woodhaven Custom Calls

  • Preston Pittman-Preston Pittman Game Calls

  • Will Primos- Primos Hunting Calls

  • Alex Rutledge-Hunter's Specialties

  • Eddie Salter- Hunter's Specialties

  • Rob Sexton-U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

  • Jonathan Smith-BASF

  • Steve Stoltz-Knight & Hale/Mossy Oak

  • Rick Story-U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

  • Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland-Mossy Oak

  • Matt Van Cise-Woodhaven Custom Calls

  • Michael Waddell-Realtree Outdoor Products

  • Bob Walker-Walker's Game Ear

  • Parker Whendon-Master of the Wingbone

  • Sam Worthington-Master of the Wingbone

I'd encourage you to make your reservations early. Motel rooms can fill up quickly.

Doris and I hope to see you in Nashville, next February.

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