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Lunch at The Rib Shack

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Have you ever walked into a place for the first time and just felt at home? Doris and I spend a good bit of time on the road it seems. We travel to different parts of the country, mostly the Midwest and the South but occasionally to other regions as well. We always like to seek out the local restaurants whenever we can.

Recently, we were in Corinth, Mississippi about lunch time and asked if there was a good locally owned barbeque place in town. Without any hesitation, we were directed to The Rib Shack.

The Rib Shack is located at 920 Highway 72 East. “That’s on the other side of the overpass, behind the Pizza Hut,” our kindly guide told us. He gave good directions and an even better recommendation.

We got there just as the lunch hour was ending and a large crowd of folks were leaving.

The Rib Shack is a very non-pretentious place, clean, inviting and it smelled really good! The lady behind the counter spoke to us like she’s known us all our lives and had the biggest smile on her face you can imagine. I was a little undecided whether I should have the regular sized sandwich or the giant size. She looked at me a bit and said, “You definitely need the big sandwich.” I readily agreed and ordered it with slaw, fries and a coke. Doris had the regular sandwich.

We paid for our lunch and went to our booth to wait for it. In just a couple of minutes, another lady came to our table with some barbequed baby back ribs. Thinking she’s made a mistake, I told her they must have been for someone else. She said, “No, we just wanted you to try them.” Wow! What a treat. They were the best I’ve ever had.

Now, I was a little worried that the pulled pork might not match those ribs. I should not have been concerned. The sandwich was great. The bun was toasted, the slaw was crisp and the flavor of that barbeque…

The first lovely lady came over to our table to ask if everything was okay and to apologize for having to leave and pick up her kids. She wished us a safe journey home, invited us back if we were ever in the area and thanked us for stopping by.

I kind of felt like I’d been visiting one of my cousins. It was like being at home or someplace that you’ve been all your life. I felt like this lady really meant it when she wished us a safe journey home. This was real hospitality along with some of the best food I’ve ever had anywhere.

If you’re down that way on a trip or if you’re lucky enough to live in or near Corinth, Mississippi, I’d recommend that you stop by The Rib Shack, “just on the other of the overpass and behind the Pizza Hut”, for some great food. If you do, please eat a few of those ribs for me.

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