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On March 10, 2007 a new chapter was written in the history of National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Still Target Shooting events. That day, Larry Lombard “raised the bar” for still target shooting with a muzzeloader. His score of 26 pellets in a 3” circle was better than any recorded thus far in this new class for still target shoots sanctioned by the NWTF.

The Gem State Chapter of the NWTF organized the event with the help of several commercial sponsors and the Gem County Rod and Gun Club of Emmett, Idaho, hosted the event for the 7th year.

Each year the Gem State Chapter hosts a patterning clinic offering shooters an opportunity to sight in their shotguns in preparation for the spring turkey hunting season. They combine this event with a still target shoot and this year, included muzzloading shotguns.

Larry's score of 26 rivals many modern shotgun scores. It also entitles him to participate in the semi-finals of the NWTF Still Target Shoot Championship to be held in Edgefield, SC this October and defend his record setting score.

Larry is a long-time member of the NWTF and has devoted much of his time to conservation and hunting activities. His efforts in support of still target shooting have been instrumental in helping to establish a muzzeloader class for this competition.

The members of the Gem County Rod & Gun Club decided that Larry's feat was so outstanding that they decided to pay his way to Edgefield...and back. That's the kind of "grassroots" support that makes still target shooting such a great sport.

Larry's enthusiasm for shooting, hunting and still target shooting are very apparent to anyone who has contact with him. We wish him all the best as he pursues his goal of winning a national championship.

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