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World Records Run in the Family

World Records

For the first time in the history of the World Still Target Shooting Championship, a husband and wife simultaneously hold World Records.

Does lightening strike twice in the same place? For Clark and Doris Bush it certainly did! In October of 2005 at the World Still Target Shooting Championship, Clark Bush set a new World Record in the 20 Gauge Open Class by putting 32 pellets in a 3" circle at 40 yards. That achievement was recognized throughout the shooting world as a feat that might never be duplicated.

Almost to the day, one year later, a new 20 Gauge Ladies World Record was Doris Bush, Clark's wife! She put 30 pellets in a 3" circle at 40 yards with a factory gun!

Doris only began shooting in early 2006 and had competed in 5 or 6 regional and state competitions before the World competition.

When Doris Bush set the new Ladies World Record, "the crowd went wild". This was the first year that the Ladies Class was a hunter or factory class, so the new record was especially meaningful. In the past, Ladies guns could have extensive modifications to enhance performance. This year the guns had to be "stock" with no modifications.

Doris Bush credited her success to practice, a real desire to compete and the combination of the Swarm Turkey Choke and Hevi-13 ammunition.
In commenting on her new record, husband Clark gave much credit to his wife's skills with a shotgun. "She has no bad habits and she's the most competitive person I know."

Clark and Doris also gave credit to Rob Keck, the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation, for inspiring them to pursue still target shooting with the 20 gauge shotgun. Several years ago at the the NWTF Convention, he'd told them of the importance of developing a choke tube that would maximize the potential of the 20 gauge shotgun. He'd discussed the role of that gun with women, youth and mature shooters. That, according to the Bushes, had inspired them.

Two World Records held simultaneously in one family is quite noteworthy and may not exist in any other sport. That in itself may be a World Record.

One more chapter to the story. On July 15, 2006 at the Bass Pro Mid-Atlantic Challenge in Statesville, NC, Clark Bush broke the existing Still Target World Record in the 12 Gauge Hunter (Factory) Class...twice!

Bush, shooting an un-modified Remington 11-87 shotgun placed 38 pellets in a 3" circle at 40 yards. That beat the old record of 35. On his next shot in the same class, Bush scored a 39, breaking his own very recently set record of 38! He later shot another 38 in the 12 Gauge Open Class, just 4 pellets off the World Record for that class.

Asked later about his successes, Bush commented, "Some days are just better than others. Everything seemed to work just right. I feel very fortunate to come out with some wins and of course to have bettered the World Record. There have been so many improvements in shotshells and chokes in the last few years. I also know shooters who practice year round, so it's natural that records will be broken."

Guess what...3 months later at the Grand National Still Target Shoot...2 different shooters broke that record again. First 2 more pellets were edged into that 3" circle to set a new record of 41...then Steve Conover put an additional 4 pellets in the circle to set another new record of 45.

Records are made to be broken. There's little doubt that the next few years or next few months, will witness additional records set in this popular shooting sport.

This article reprinted with permission

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