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Frodo Says

It has been said that a man can usually count his friends on the fingers of his hands. I've always thought that to mean that as we travel through life, we meet many people but make very few true friends. I believe that.

I've been very fortunate in my life to have met many, many people and I believe that I have a good number of friends. Many of those friends have demonstrated their friendship in ways that have both surprised me and made me feel very grateful.

I met my friend Frodo about 17 years ago. My wife Doris and my son Eric introduced us. My father-in-law had asked that we try to help. Frodo had been through a tough time and needed a friend. We shared our home, a meal and tried to reach out and show that we cared. Those simple acts of common decency initiated a friendship that has lasted all these years. Any kindness that we may have extended has been repaid many times over.

What is friendship? To me, friendship is being there when you're needed; it's not necessarily saying the "right thing" or knowing exactly what to do; it's just being there. I've learned that from Frodo.

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