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The Winter Weather

Frodo Says

Both fall and spring are my "favorite" seasons. I love to see the leaves turn and feel the crisp chill of an early fall morning. I like the spring when nature renews itself. I'm simply amazed each year when the grass begins to green and leaves start to form. I can hardly wait to hear the first gobble of the wild turkey.

The months between December and early April seem to drag. That's when I turn to Frodo for advice and counsel. To Frodo each season is marvelous. Maybe a heavier coat in winter and a much lighter one in spring but nature is still to be enjoyed and explored.

To Frodo, winter just brings less foliage to block our sight of the deer trails. We can see how the trails criss-cross each other and where the deer have been bedding. Canada geese begin to fly over the winter wheat fields and ducks appear.

If not for Frodo, I might just sit by the fire and think of the spring to come. Frodo won't let me do that. We're out in the fields and out in the woods walking and enjoying the season.

I don't like the winter. I don't like the gray days that grow shorter and shorter but I value the time with Frodo and so I walk.

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