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New Shotshells

Shooting Accomplishments

There are some new shotshells both on the drawing boards and in research and development. Some are refinements of current shells and some are "brand new". Some are just waiting for the SHOT Show to be formally introduced. It's an exciting time to be a shotgunner!

This year the allaboutshooting team has traveled extensively to various shows and shoots. We've shot some amazing ammo and some that was not so amazing. It reinforced to us what a great job the ammunition manufacturers have done in the last few years. There is a clear line of demarcation between "premium" and shooter ammo. Not everyone wants or needs to shoot premium ammo. For that shooter there's a wide array of choices. There is also a great choice of premium ammo for the shooter who desires that as well.

In my opinion, "You aint' seen nothing yet", when it comes to shotshell development. I've been speaking with some of the best designers in the country and they've told me of some of their projects. I know that not all of these projects will make it to the market and some may be delayed due to economics, marketing, etc. That's okay. I don't know if I could handle all of them at one time.

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