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What Can I Learn?

Still Target Shooting

This week I met a fine young man who's just beginning his career after 6 years of advanced education.

He's hunted all his life, is an avid outdoorsman and selected an outdoor career as his life work. The subject came around to turkey hunting pretty quickly and then took a turn to discuss still target shooting. As we spoke and discussed the merits of various shotshell/choke/barrel combinations, he looked at me and said, "You know, I've hunted and shot all my life but I've never talked to anyone about the technical side of shooting. Frankly, I've learned more in the last 10 minutes than in all the rest of my life."

While I certainly appreciated the comment, I was a bit saddened, as I always am, by the lack of information that is out there for the "average hunter". There are lots of folks who want to sell something (I also sell shooting related products) but sometimes it seems not many who are willing to share information, answer your questions and all with no strings attached.

That's why I started allaboutshooting! I offer "The Shooting System" free of charge and with no obligation. I can help you determine what's best for your particular situation.

So, what can the average turkey hunter learn from still target shoots and still target shooters. Quite a lot actually. By observing a serious still target shooter you can learn a lot about how he handles his gun to obtain maximum performance. You can see what choke tube produces the best patterns with a particular shotshell. You can see the effect that different barrel lengths have on performance.

You can speak with some of the best shooters in the U.S. and learn some of their "secrets".

I'd urge you to visit and look for still target shoots in your area. Take a few minutes to visit one, either as a shooter or just spectator. Talk to the shooters and observe what they shoot and how they shoot. Ask them about sighting-in a shotgun, patterning, etc. Most will gladly share the knowledge that they have with you.

Skillful shooting is but one part of turkey hunting or any other hunting for that matter but it is what makes the difference when you have your game in your sights. These folks may be able to give you a hint that allows you bring home that big gobbler next season.

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