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Randy Lewis

Shooter Profiles

Morristown, TN

2003 12 Gauge Hunter Class Winner

2001 12 Gauge Open Class Winner

2000 12 Gauge Open Class Winner

Sadly, Randy's time on earth was cut short when he was stricken with cancer. While he was not able to participate in the sport that he loved for the last 2 years of his life, his influence will never be forgotten.

The following was written about him in 2005.

Great style and presence. Will shoot as much as possible. Always a threat. He has excellent support and always brings a team. Shoots to win.

Randy Lewis is a shooter you'll never forget once you've seen him shoot. He has a style and presence on the line that is unique. He's very focused and never loses concentration. He's as steady as any shooter I've ever seen. He's also been known to shoot scores of rounds at the practice field, on lunch breaks.

Randy may hold the record for most shotguns brought to an event. He always brings several back-up guns for his team and himself.

"Shooter Profiles" highlights accomplishments of still target shooters and can be accessed on this web site.

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