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A New Type of "Smash and Grab"

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Who in the world would target a gun shop for a robbery? I don’t know what it’s like where you are but most of the folks in gun shops where I am are armed. So, who in their right mind would try to rob one? The answer of course is that they don’t, normally, during business hours but when the shops are closed, that’s another matter.

Recently, one of my favorite shops was robbed during the late night hours. The thieves drove a stolen vehicle right through the front door of the building. Then they stole as many guns as possible and escaped in another vehicle.

The damage done was great. The entire front of the building was caved-in and when I saw it, it looked like there had been an explosion.

The owners, who had been contacted early in the morning by the local police, already had workmen there removing the old blocks and starting to repair the damage. Within about 3 days, a new front had been built and they were open for business again.

As a part of the repairs, they had several concrete pillars placed strategically in front of the building. I suspect that they are reinforced with steel to add strength to them. Those pillars should prevent a vehicle from smashing through the front again.

There has been no formal report on the number or the type of guns stolen.

This is kind of like the “smash and grab” robberies that many of us have seen on television that take place at jewelry stores. The surveillance cameras have recorded these events and we’ve been able to see them on the nightly news.

In the event that you’ve not seen one of these robberies, the criminals, usually several, run into a store, many times in a mall, smash the glass display counters, grab the most expensive jewelry and then run out of the store. They are normally only in the store for a few minutes. These are truly brazen crimes.

The major difference in those crimes and this one was the time of day that it took place. They are still very brazen crimes.

After the local gun shop was robbed, we learned that these "smash and grab" crimes have been going on at other gun shops in the Carolinas and I would guess in other areas of the U.S. as well.

I’m sure that all law enforcement agencies, the ATF, state and local police, have warned gun shops but I would encourage you to do the same. It just never hurts to let folks know of some danger out there and you could really be doing your local gun shop a favor.

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