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Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster - Browning 1911-380

Alien Gear NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2019 Product Tests Universal Holster

"The Grip Tuck Universal Holster is perfect for safe storage of your pistol or for when use of a hard polymer holster might not be best. However, it will still keep the trigger guard protected and your gun secured when needed."

"The Grip Tuck is a universal pistol holster, in that it is made to fit an entire class of firearms as opposed to a single make and model pistol as our other holsters are. If you have multiple pistols of a similar frame size and barrel length, you may be able to use it with all of them."

I've been looking for a comfortable IWB for my Browning 1911-380 standard size pistol for quite a while. I tried several but none were just right, for one reason or another.

The Alien Gear Grip Tuck seems to have what the others lacked. It holds the gun firmly inside but allows a smooth draw. The holster stays in place because of its "grippy" exterior and the belt clip, a feature that most holsters of this type don't have. That clip also makes it easy to change the height of the holster.

I've used it for a couple of months in various positions, to find the one that works best for me, everything from appendix to small of the back. The design keeps the hammer spur away from my skin. That's very important since I carry "cocked and locked".

If you need an IWB holster, I'd recommend that you try the Grip Tuck from Alien Gear.

You can read more about all the features of the Grip Tuck and other AliienGear products at


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