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By: LLoyd "Barney"Barnhart




I wish I could be a bald eagle,

If only for a day…


I’d soar above the school yard

And watch the children play.


Then cruise over local parks

And protected natural land,


Hoping to see families playing

In the water and on the sand.


Then I’d wing on to a football stadium

To see what I could see…


I’d drop a special message

On players who take a knee!


And as the anthem played,

I’d give a tip of my wing


To those proud Americans

Who choose to sing.


I’d pass over Washington, DC

And hope to find a clue…


That our representatives were not serving the party,

But, instead, were serving you !!


Then, I’d land in a tall, lone tree

And sit there, tall and proud


To sing the praises of this great land

Loud…Loud…Loud !!!



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